Jodha Akbar 16 Jan 2014 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 16 Jan 2014 Written Update Empty Jodha Akbar 16 Jan 2014 Written Update

Post by Indian-Tashan on Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:37 am

The episode begins with Jalal is very angry
and get flash back of Maulawi saying that
Nikah time is over and nothing can be
done ..Jalal comes to Bharmal , Bharmal sees
Jalal and gets falsh back of scolding shivani
for meeting Tej ek sadharan Karigar , she
promises that she won't do this mistake
again ..
Jalal tells Bharmal that shivani has eloped
and he wants to know why all of sudden he
sent Shivani to Agra , You knew about her
affair and chose to get her married to a
Mughal ..Bharmal says I am your culprit I will
accept whatever punishment you decide for
me ..Jalal tells that being Mughal mansubdar
you did't disclose this this kanoonan
gunaha you will be sent to jaail for this ,
Hakim asks Jalal why did he punished
Bharmal , He is innocent and also he is your
sasur you should not do this ..
In harem all are talking about Shivani ,
Bhamal is under arrest and taken to Jail by
Soldiers , BD and his brothers sees that they
are worried JO who was with dadi sa is very
sad ..Ruq says for Jalal Bharmal is gunehgar
so he is treating him like that
Jalal is sitting alone and lost in thoughts
Hakim comes to meet him , Jalal tells him I
am feeling bad for you whatever happened
the regreat is they are our own people , Jalal
asks What can I do for you , He says release
Raja Bharmal , Jalal says no way , Jalal is very
angry saying that he deserves this , Hakim
says think about JO what she must be going
through , Jalal says I asked shivani her
opinion that time why didn't she tell me that
she loves Tej , Hakim tries to make him
understand That its good that she eloped
thnk about if If I came to know about this
after nikah , three life would have spoiled ,
Hakim tells that he should forgive Bharmal
and release him this is his wish ..
Jo comes to meet Jalal , She tells him that
whatever happened that we are very upset
but Bapau's has no role in in so please , She
starts crying , Jalal thinks about Hakim's
words how love has power which can make
a fakir most powerful and it makes a kind
bow down Jalal leaves whithout telling
anything to JO , Jo is thinks why Jalal left
without saying anything to her
Jo is in her room and crying , Moti telling her
to calm down she says how can she ?
Bapusa keeping quite in this matter , I am
feeling so ashemed that Rajvanshi name has
spoiled , She says I should not have taken
this rista to Shahanshah , She says I am
feeling betrayed , That time a Baandi comes
and informs that Jalal released Bharmal and
allowed them to depart for Amer ..Jo thinks
Jalal has again proved that he has big heart ,
Bharmal is maasa and sons , Hameeda
comes there < Bharmal apolozises for
shivani , She says she can understsnd Its not
his fault sometime kids such naadani , Dadi
sa says there must be lapes in our
upbringing , Hameeda praises JO and says
they should not think like that .. Bharmal
praise hameeda being understanding , Jo
was watching them form a distance , She
comes , Hameeda says they should leave as
they should spend some time with Jo before
leaving for Amer ,
JO comes and tells Bharmal that why didn't
he tell her about Shivani's affair , She says
she could have made her understand and
also she wouldn't have taken the rista so
far , She says I feel cheated ..Jalal and
hameeda has bada dil to forgive you but I Jo
begum of mughal sultant will never forgive
you ..Dadisa cries ,
Precap: Jalal is with Jo and tellig her that he
will bring Shivani here and punish her for
her Gusthaki , Jo was about say something
but Jalal doesn't let her talk and leaves her
alone ..

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