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jodha Akbar 24 Jan 2014 Written update Empty jodha Akbar 24 Jan 2014 Written update

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Written update 24th January 2014.
The episode begins with MA is with Ruq both are
talking about Jalal and Ben's marriage , Ruq praises
MA for her chaal , MA thanks for her support , Ruq
says she is happy that Jo failed keeping Ben away
form Jalal , She want this marriage to happen as
soon as possible , MA yes after this Jo will be loose
her Kaas status and she may have to leave Agra ,
Ma and Ruq happy and wants to celebrate their
Jo is in her room with Moti and crying she is
worried for jalal's life and tells Moti can't let this
marriage happen she knows Ben will kill him , Moti
says she is not worried because of Ben she is
worried because she is in love with him , Jo tells
that's is not true , Moti explains saying anyone can
read it on your face and Jalal he is doing this
marriage to make you feel jealous ..He is taking
revenge of that night when you pushed him away ..
Jo scolds Moti for her wired thinking ..
Jalal tells Atka Khan that she needs to take care of
two thing one is his marriage with Ben and second
is the rumor about ben being vishkanya to be
handled with aawam , Atka khan asks he seemed
tensed what is it troubling him , he makes excuse
by saying nothing its just a hectic day ...
there Moti tells Jo no to think about jalal , She says
how is that possible , he is her swabhag ka nisani ,
its true She didn't accept him as her husband still
she can't see his life in danger because I .... Moti
asks what ?? Jo changes the topic saying She
needs to do something immediately and leaves ..
Ben is dressed as a begum , Zakira asks her about
how could she jupped into the well ,Ben says she
saw Mughal solder coming behind her and knew
thing will happen just way she wanted she could
gain sympathy of jalal and made foold of Ruq and
MA ,...Zakira asks why she wants to do this nikah ,
Ben tells her that this Nikah will bring Jalal very
close to her and she succeeded in her mission ,
after killing Jalal she will free Abu mali and he will
become Shahanshah and marry her ..She would rule
as Begum of Abu Mali , Zakira praise her
Jo goes to meet Shafuddin , He is surprised and
taunts how come without him calling she came to
meet him , Jo asks Shaifuddin how to stop this
marriage because she wants to save Jalal's life ,
Saifudding looks at her in lust and says Oh you love
him so much ..JO become avery angry and asks
him to stay in limit , Shaifuddin suggest that if she
stops poision supply to Ben that would make her
restless and in anger Ben may attack anyone and
she will be caught red handed .. JO leaves thanking
him ..
Maula was sleeping and gets intuitions of change in
Agra , He says something tells him Jalal 's life is in
danger , but nothing will happen ..the dark colouds
will fly away ...
Jalal is with Hameeda and Salima , HE tells he
wants a quite marriage as he wanted a huge
marriage celebration for his brother Hakim , Ben
comes that time and tells that she kept a mannat
that before her marraige she would vist darghah
with her Husband , Jalal agrees to go with her ..
Ben comes to her room and thank Zakira for her
idea , they discuss how easily Jalal agreed , Ben
says great that she manage to get this opportunity
to come close to Jalal she wants to finish her Job
tonight , Zakira tells her while crossing Yamuna she
will kill him as no one would be there with them ,
Ben says yes she would kill him and then jump into
the water no one would be able to trace her ..
Hameeda calls Salima , tells her she wants to know
her her thoughts about Jo's accusation on Ben ,
Salima tells her that Jo is not a kind of person who
would acuse someone just like that , Hameeda feels
happy tells her they are thinking alike ..
I her room JO is sitting near kanha and complaining
to Moti tells her she has been doin his puja
everyday and look at him at the time of needs how
he is not helping her and just smiling ..Jo tells
Kanha she wants him to protect Jalal's life ..That
time salima comes to meet her , Salima tells her
she know whatever she is saying about Ben it can't
be ignored , She assures Jo that whatever it is she
shlod know that Salima is with her she should not
feel that she is alone , Jo become happy and tells
her that she wants to keep Ben away form Jalal
Salima informs her that tonoght both of them are
going to dargha , Jo become worried and tells
Salima that this is ben 's chal to Kill Jalal when no
one is with him ..
Precap: Jalal and ben are in a boat , Ben gets up
and comes close to Jalal thanks him for saving her
life , Then she holds him and lean on him , Jo sees
them form a distance and shoots Ben with he

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