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Jodha  Akbar 14 Jan 2014 Written Update Empty Jodha Akbar 14 Jan 2014 Written Update

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Scene 1
all rajvanshi women prays to kahna in jodha’s room, dadi says to shivani that you are going to be mughal begum so adopt their culture and adjust like jodha and i hope like jalal, mirza will care for you, shivani gets the flashback when maham sits in shivani’s palanquin and tell her that i have to keep an eye on everything. She says girl cries on her bidai but that her love, her husband is there for her but you dont love mirza and after nikkah you will have to change religion which you will not like. Jodha who used to hate mughals suggested your relation with mirza, i dont know why. But i think you cant do this. Shivani ask her what she wants? Maham says to not do this nikkah, shivani says you yourself told me to say yes for this marriage. Maham says i thought its your childishness but after seeing you and tej today, i think you love him and if this news will break after then it will be a big problem, i dont want mirza’s life to ruin, she ask shivani to run away with tej. Shivani insists dadi to allow her to go to mandir, jodha says she will go with her. Dadi jokes how she can say anything to sehnsah’s wife(jodha). Shivani is tensed.
Scene 2
jalal calls bharmal, he comes. Jalal says i want to talk, bharmal says i also want to talk about gifts, i wanna give gifts, jalal says you can. Jalal says there is a political issue in some state, das is very competent so i want him to solve this matter. Bharmal thanks him for choosing das but says that das controls whole amer, why dont you give this position to your younger brother, he has political sense too. Jalal says its a good advice, thanks alot.
Ruks orders dasiz to make proper arrangements as its her dever’s marriage, adham is in very angry mood, maham ask him to make proper face and not be sad, just see.
Mirza is getting married, jalal comes and says i will make you ready. He makes him wear jewelry and turban. He advises him that if even single person in his home is not happy with him then he cant rule the world as rule starts from home. Mirza becomes emotional and says you still remember your promise which you had given me in childhood. How you used to tell me sword fighting. Fbs shows how small jalal says to small mirza to think sword as part of your body, i am telling you this so you will become warrior and i myself will make you ready for your marriage, mirza says sometime you talk about bettle and then about marriage. Jalal says i dont know but i will make you ready. Fb ends. Mirza hugs jalal. Jalal says on your marriage, i am gifting you position of one state.
Scene 3
jodha ask moti to remain here with dadi. Shivani says you are very happy? Jodha says yes i am going last time mandir with my sister. Then i will go with my devrani. I am happy that your marriage is based upon love. Shivani prays to kahna saying i am doing right. Jodha and shivani comes outside where jalal and mirza are present. Shivani hides her face. Jalal says yesterday she was looking pure mughal and today again pure rajvanshi, mirza says in both dresses she looks elegant.Jodha praises mirza saying you are looking handsome. Mirza says jalal made me ready today. Jalal says thanks you didnt clear it before otherwise she wouldnt praised you. Jodha says why not, if its worthy for praise then i do it. Jalal says then i should tell you, you were looking beautiful yesterday, he doesnt look at her and she looks at him. Jodha says there is sometime in marriage so can i take her to mandir? Jalal says why not. Jodha says to mirza to wait for sometime then shivani will be yours. Jodha and shivani comes outside of palace, shivani thinks that babusa please forgive me but i know you will not like tej so i am going, she has tears, jodha ask why are you crying? Shivani says i am thinking about bidai, and hugs jodha, jodha says it has time, dont cry. Lets go. They leave.
Scene 4
jodha and shivani reaches mandir. Jodha says we reached at right time, aarti is yet to start. You will take blessing for your new life. They come in mandir where tej is also present. Jodha sings bhajan, shivani sees tej who points her to leave. Shivani nods.
Scene 5
in palace all are ready and waiting for marriage, hamida ask dasi where is jodha and shivani, she tells that they went to mandir. Maham thinks its more good that jodha went with her. In mandir, shivani leaves with tej on horse, one dasi see her going. In palace, priest says nikkah time has started. Jalal says bride went to mandir wait a lil. Priest nods. In mandir, bhajan ends and jodha sees shivani missing, dasi tells her that she sat on horse and went with someone, jodha comes outside and thinks its nikkah, with whom shivani can go. She is tensed

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