Jodha Akbar 17 Jan 2014 written Update

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Jodha Akbar 17 Jan 2014 written Update Empty Jodha Akbar 17 Jan 2014 written Update

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Jodha Akbar 17 Jan 2014 written Update 3697-Jodha-Akbar-27th-June-2013-written-update-Jodha-Akbar-June-27-WU
Jodha asks Jalal to stop and she tells her she wants to thank him for releasing his father.
Jodha asks him that why he did not punished him.
Jalal tells Jodha that she knows what the feeling was when Mirza was waiting for Shivani but she is not come. Jodha was silent and in tears.
Jalal tells Jodha that he understands that it was not Bharmal fault it was Shivani and her husband Tej’s fault.
Jalal tells Jodha that he will find them and punish Shivani and he will not leave her.
Jodha tries to say something to Jalal but Jalal remembers Mirza’s words and gets angry and leaves.
Zakira is worried that she has run out of poisons snakes and if Benazir come to know about it she may kill her.
Benazir is unwell and screaming at Zakira for not getting poison. Zakira informs her about the shortage of Snake. Benazir gets angry.
Moti informs Jodha that Jalal’s brother in law wants to meet her.
Precap Jodha Akbar:
Mirza asks Jalal to tell who Jalal loves. Jalal gets shocked.

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