Jodha Akbar 15 Jan 2014 Written Update

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Jodha Akbar 15 Jan 2014 Written Update Empty Jodha Akbar 15 Jan 2014 Written Update

Post by Indian-Tashan on Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:59 pm

The episode begins with MA with resham comes to a room and asks a Baandi about Jo and Shivani she says They have not returned from the mandir , MA sees a letter kept near on a box she asks Resham to read it , Resham readds the letter , This was written by Shivani to JO in that she has written she doen't want to do this nikha and have eloped with her Tej , MA laughs Resham says don't laugh so much somebody will hear that MA says she is very happy now JO has to take all the blame.;
At mahal evryone is waiting for Shivani , Bharmal is worried that it should not take so long to return , Jalal asks Atka khan to go and find out where they are ..
JO is crying and worried that what is going on , She asks a guard he says he ran after the horse and found it near Jamuna but he didn't find Shivani there , He says I thinks they have crosses Jamuna and gone to the other side ..
Jalal is standing alone and seemed worried Ruq comes and asks him about Jo , She says this is a delicate situation shaddi ka mamla hai JO should not have taken so long to return , Jalal says I didn't expect this form JO , Bharmal asks Dadi sa why did she allow them , She says i couldn't stop they as Shivani kept mannat .they seemed sad and worried ..
MA is with some letters , Ak comes there and asks you have kept these letters with you this is not safe , He says ghud sawari has left to look for shivani and JO , I think Shivani has eleoped , MA says yes I know she has , Then she says she is going to keep the right letter for Ruq so that she will take this haungama forward , Ak praises her for chal.
Ruq gets the letters and reads all she is shocked and asked where did you get these letters , MA says I found these in JO's room why are you asking do you have any doubt on me , Ruq says Jo know this she can't do this to Mughal saltanat I will not leave her this time I will not give her a chance to make any excuse , Ruq orders a Bandi that she should g and inform Jalal that she needs to meet him immidiately
Baandi comes and informs the same he leaves and comes to Ruq , all are thinking what is it where is he going ..
Ruq shows all the letters to Jalal and tells him that JO is playing games with him and being his friend she has this haq that she can say that JO made him fool , Jalal screams saying bas kare Ruq , She says I know you are angry hearing this but here I have proof , she blames JO saying she knowing got this rista fixed because she didn't want her sis to get married to that karigar that is why she played this game , Jalal asks her to read the letters .
MA with Ak she is telling what must be going on with Ruq and Jalal and tells how Jalal would react to it She says I know Jalal would be very angry but he will give JO a chance to tell her side of story.
JO comes back to Mahal , Moti comes and asks where were you ? NIkah 's time has gone and Jalal is very angry , JO tells How while she was doing puja shivani sneak out form there and a soilder thold her that he saw her eloping with a guy .. Moti tells her that before Jalal comes to know about to the whole thing , Moti suggests that they should go and inform this to Bharmal ,
A baandi comes and informs Jo that jalal wants to meet her , Jo comes to meet Jalal , Jalal is with Ruq , Ruq asks Jo about shivani and shows her the letters , Jo tells her that Shivani is missing form Mandir and she has no idea about these letters , Ruq blames her saying you are hiding something and this can't be possible we found these form your room and you are saying you have no idea , JO says yes this is exactly like dharura ark which was found in Shalima's room but she had no idea about it , Ruq is surprises to hear the connectin , She doen't listen and says I don't beleive you , Jalal stops her by saying JO is write because I know what she is telling is true , Jalal tells Jo that he knows who is the culprit , He says its Bharmal who know about Shivani's affair and intentionally sent her to Agra and got her marriage fixed with Hakim , Jalal threatens saying he is going to punish Bharmal for this shadyantra ..JO is silent and in tears she looks at Jalal as she is pleading silently ..
Precap: Jalal is with Jo , He is saying he is going to call Bharmal , and He has sent his sipahi who would search out Shivani very soon and then Bhalmal will get punishment for this gustakhi ..JO seemed worried

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