Mahabharat written update 23rd January 2014

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Mahabharat written update 23rd January 2014 Empty Mahabharat written update 23rd January 2014

Post by jyo06 on Sat Jan 25, 2014 4:52 pm

Today's Highlights
1. Draupad and Dron discuss about the best match
for Draupadi . Draupad says only Arjun can fit these
qualities but he unfortunately died in the fire
accident. Dron says that Arjun is far capable of
escaping the fire and he believes that his shishya is
still alive.
Draupad looks at Krishna for truth, Krishna asks
Draupad to arrange for Draupadi's Swayamvar and
make the qualifying tests very difficult. Arjun will
surely come.
2. At the Mayavi forest, Arjun convinces Hidimb to
fight with Bheem. Hidimba begs her brother to let go
of him, but Hidimb mocks her love for a human.
Kunti is worried for Bheem, But Bheem is confident.
The fight begins. Bheem kills Hidimb. Light enters
the forest.
The rest of the Rakshasas bow to Bheem accepting
his victory.
3. Krishna and Draupadi are taking a walk in the
garden. Draupadi asks him who Arjun is. Krishna
tells her about Arjun's history until the fire accident.
Draupadi says that was injustice. Krishna talks to
her about Injustice, rivalry, justice and Dharma. He
asks her to follow Dharma when she will face
hardships in future.
4. At the forest, Pandavas are having food. Arjun,
Nakul and Sahadev make fun of Bheem. Hidimba
serves Bheem and calls him Boopathy. Arjun and
Nakul say that now bheem is Rakshasas king as he
killed their King. Sahadev says that now Bheem will
punish Nakul and he has to marry a Rakshashi.
Bheem is confused seeing the Rakshashas
worshipping his Statue. Nakul asks if sahadev can
see anything in the stars. Sahadev says he sees
Bheem's wedding with Rakshashi. Everyone laugh.
Bheem asks Yudishtra if it is true that he will be the
king from now on..Yudishtra says that it seems so.
Bheem asks him then why he wasnt informed about
this earlier. Yudishtra said that they were all
informed by Hidimbi, only he didnt pay attention.
Bheem asks in a scared tone if he has to marry one
of them now.. Before they could answer,two
Rakshashas come and announce Bheem that
Hidimbi is choosen to marry him. He looks
Precap for tomorrow.
Hastinapur recieves the invite for Draupadi's
Swayamvar. Duryodhan wants to go. But Sakuni
reminds Duryodhan that the invite is for the crown
prince and he isnt the crown prince yet.

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