Madhubala - Written Update – 20 January 2014

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Madhubala - Written Update – 20 January 2014 Empty Madhubala - Written Update – 20 January 2014

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Episode starts with Madhu questions KRK about the phone calland KRK convinces Madhu somehow and they go to sleep. KRK inside his blanket is praying toGod about his condition.While Bhujang and Kuku plan Kuku’s entry into RK Mansion to keep a watch on KRK. Kuku promises not to mess up this time.KRK sees that Madhu is unwell and keeps wet cloth on her forehead. He says to himself that he will take care of Madhu for RK. KRK prepares kada for Madhu and misses his mom. He ducks with theglass when he hears Pabho’s voice.Pabho switches off the light and while leaving says badly about Madhu.KRK gets up thinking Pabho has left but she returns and KRK informs about Madhu’s fever. Pabho speaks ill of Madhu and thenleaves. KRK thinks Pabho is being evil and decides to teach her a lesson.KRK wakes up Madhu and orders her to drink the milk. Madhu reminds him about their past and KRK is unable to answer anything and forces her to drink the milk. They both sleepIn the morning, Madhu wakes up and becomes happy seeing RK sleeping. KRK snores and Madhu isshocked. She wakes up KRK and asks him about the same. KRK somehow manages to escape Madhu’s questioning and goes to change.KRK prays to God and leave when he hears someone’s footsteps. It turns out to be Radhaji. KRK gives her an explanation saying that he was trying to get some shut eye. Herushes away and Radhaji happily shares about it with Pabho who comes there. Pabho thinks that all will be fine when Madhu leaves.A policemen gives RK paper and pen. RK writes a letter to Madhu sharing their personal secrets about the time when they were alone. He gives the letter to the same policemen to post. The policeman agrees to post it.
Precap: Sikki gives Madhu a letter and Madhu is surprised.

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