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Qubool hai 22 january 2014 written update Empty Qubool hai 22 january 2014 written update

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Scene 1:Location: Ayan’s residenceAsad enters his room and finds it all fully disarranged, and zoys sitting on the bed amidst food, with a pile of things around her. He asks whats this. She goes onto irritate him all the more. asad is angry that he doesnt like his room like this. zoya sys that he’s mistaken that she cares for his dislikes, when he doesnt care for her opinion. he asks her to get down from thesofafirst. Asad asks what point is she trying to prove. zoya says that he’s right in guessing it and breaks into her poetry….Chat dilli ki, hyderabadi biryani, lucknawi kebabI have done all this, to settleour hisab…!!!!asad tries to talk, but zoya says that mayeb he doesnt care for their feelings. she says that he had disappeared last night, and didnt even receive her calls, and reprimands him for being so irresponsible. He takes her hand and says that he’s sorry as he was upset. zoya breaks into tears, and goes onto rant how upset theyy were. he takes her in his arms and hugs her when she says that she’s a very dangerous girl, and wont settle next time. As zoya goes onto rant, asad pays attention to the cleanliness in the room, and zoya gets irritated that he isnt hearing what she has to say and asks if its more important than what she has to say. he silences her with a finger on her lips, and says that nothing is more important than her. He caresses her face, saying that nothing would ever be. She looks up at him,while he eys her romantically. Her eyes bow down, aas he takes her hand and clutches them tightly. They get romantically eyelocked.Razia talks to someone asking who gave them permission to freeZe their accounts, without even asking her. the manager says that asad told them to do so. Razia is shocked. She eyes asad and zoya having breakfast at thedining table. Razia confronts asad, about this. Asad says that he is the coowner of the company and can take any descision about the company, without any permission. She says that he isjust lashing out as his plan didnt work, and is getting frustrated. She says that he should have accepted defeat earlier only. Razia says that she’s born to win, and not them. Asad begins to get tensed. Razia says that he may try to be the owner of thiscompany, but he wont succeed. She tells asad that his father was the servant to this industry, and he too shall follow in his shoes. Zoya tries to shut her, but asad stops her from talking. razia leaves smirking evilly. zoya places a reasuring hand on his shoulder.Scene 2:Location: Haseena’s residenceNikhat wakes up late, to find farhan all dressed up. As he gets about his work, she apologises for getting up late. He says that he has taken an appointment with the doctor, the psychiactrist, and that she should get ready. She is distraught and tries to claim innocence that she isnt mad. He says thathaseenais right in saying thatshe needs medication. She tries to speak, but he asks her to be ready, for the appointment. He leaves, while she is distressed.As nikhat apologises for being late at the breakfast table, nazma ignores her` and tellshaseenathat she’s leaving forher room. After she leaves, nikhat its down to eat, whilehaseenaand chandbi eye eachother tensedly.Haseenatells nikhat that she doesnt need to work, as they would handle the work themselves. chandbi says that they have to take care that nikhat shouldnt go in the kitchen, after the knife incident. Chandbi asks her to leave the plate here only, and not enter the kitchen. as they leave, nikhat is tensed.later, nikhat again tries to convince that she’s feeling a lot better, and there isnt anything wrong. But farhan says that they would know everything for sure, and even if she is right, then whats the problem in a doctor’s opinion, as all are really tensed for her, andshall never want bad for her. He asks nikhat not to argue and go out, while he comes in a minute. Outside, Nikhat overhearshaseenatalking to the doctor, that farhan is about to leave with nikhat. To make nikhat hear,haseenaintentionally says that nikhatv and farhan are leaving and he knows what he has to say. Nikhat isshocked to hear this. Farhan asks her to come along, she denies saying that she wont go. She tells him abouthaseena’s phone call.farhan tries to say that the doctor isnt known to anyone, includinghaseena. Nikhat says that he doesnt know anything. He tries to explain that he is the best doctor in the city, but she resfues to believe so.haseenaasks why are they still here, and asks nikhat if she is feeling okay. Nikhat says that due to her, she wont be okay for too long. farhan reminds that its his mother that she’s talking to. Nikhat tellshaseenathat she wont let her succeed.haseenapretends to be sacred. as farhan tries to get nikhat to go, she jerks herself away from him. Nikhat says that she wont come, and locks herself in the room. farhanis tensed, whilehaseenasmiles. She tells that it might be problematic to take her to the doctor, and hence they should call the doctor here only. farhan agrees, whilehaseenasays that she would finally have her way with nikhat.Scene 3:Location: Outdoor LocationHumaira wakes up in haider’s clothes, and remembesr last night with him, and how herefused to take advantage of her. Haider comes in and says that they are ready to leave, as the taxi is waiting. Finding her hesitating, he asks her to say what she wants to. She says that she has to thank him, for what he did, and what he didnt, as if he hadnt controlled himself, then god knows what would have happened. He asks her to forget it, as she doesnt have to take any guilt or regret, as he wont ever do anything, that might hurt her. He says that their teeny meeny fights have now established a certain relationship between them, and that doesnt have to be named always. he ask her to get ready, as she starts smiling. she shyly leaves from there. haider evilly smiles that she’s falling in his trap.Scene 4:Location: Razia’s residenceAsad calls a press conference, and tells them that Mr. rashid, who gave everything to the company, is physically sick, and hence he shall continue with his father’s post and all the responsibilities. Dilshad, zoya and rashid approve smilingly. razia tells mamu that they may do whatever theywant, but the truth wont change. Asad saysthat the company’s CEO, Mr. Siddique is retiring, and he has left it on him. Razia is shocked, while all look on. She looks at mamu who is equally shocked.The screen freezes on asad’s tensed face.Precap: Zoya taunts razia, that its time frher to be embarassed and reflect on whatall she has done. Razia eyes her angrily. In the house, Haider says that he has no family and no parentage, and hence its obvious that her parents wont like that she spend so much time with him. She tries to defend him and convince him otherwise. Humira accidentally blurts out and says that she likes spending time with him. haider is shocked while humaira gets shy.

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