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Mahabharat 20 jan 2014 Written update Empty Mahabharat 20 jan 2014 Written update

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e episode starts with the pandavas hearing some woman's voice in the forest, andArjungoes searching for the source. The other pandavas and Kunti try to stop him.He goes anyway and soon finds a girl crying in the jungle. She is actually Hidimbi who is disguised like a beautiful woman. She pretends to be scared ofArjunand finallyArjuntells her that he is a human too. She says that the Rakshas in the mayavi place has killed all her relatives and she is all alone, she is not able to find the way out.Arjunbrings her with him to his brothers and mother. Hidimbi looksand smirks at her brother and followsArjun. The Pandavas in the other hand are worried aboutArjunand they go searching for him. Bheem is clearing the trees whenArjuncomes there with the girl. Bheem lifts a tree and is stuck in love at first sight with Hidimbi. Hidimbi is attracted to Bheem as well.Arjunexplains his mother about thegirl's plight. Kunti is moved and consoles the girl. The other brothers notice that Bheem is still carrying the tree and simper amongst themselves.Arjunasks Bheem to drop the tree down. Bheem realizes that he is still carrying the tree.Kunti asks the girl if she wants to rest for a while before they search for a way out.Arjunsays that she was sitting and crying only she will not feel tired. Bheem growls at his brother to not make fun of the girl.Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev exchange smirks.The groupstart walking. Bheem and Hidimbi keep exchanging glances. Finally there reach a place where Hidimbi says that they will get fruits. Bheem is surprised she knows the place so well.Arjunand Nakul comment that this is the firsttime Bheem hasn't still hurried even after knowing that a fruit tree is nearby.Bheem goes to collect fruits for all of them. Bheem and Hidimbi have aeating competition. While Nakul and Sahadev are amused,ArjunandYudi feel little odd looking at the girl's appetite. Bheem is completelyoccupied by her, that he does not feel anything out of place.At Panchal, Krishna gives some sound advise to Draupad. He says that Abhiman isn't about deciding who is great, If one starts to give somuch importance to oneself, he willnot be able to trust others, he will be in constant fear that others are in enemies. He will start treating his friends like his enemies, and hewill not be able to live peacefully.Draupad realizes his mistake. Draupad wants to accept Draupadi as his daughter.Precap: Shikandini says that Draupadi has gone somewhere, Draupad wants to stop her, Krishnaoffers to go instead of Draupad.

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