Qubool hai 20 january 2014 written update

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Qubool hai 20 january 2014 written update Empty Qubool hai 20 january 2014 written update

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Scene 1:Location: Mental Facilitytanveer starst beating around the bush, when asked about mamu’s daughter. Mamu irritatedly asks herwhats his daughter’s name. she says that she can understand his pain, but she doesnt remember her name. He says that he has everything but a daughter, and asksher to complete his life, by telling him the name. She starts singing, while he gets irritated. she continues with her rant. the nurses come in and ask him to leave, as they cant leave her alone anymore. She asks him to get some sweets, so that she may also say something to him, thats sweet to his ears. the nruses take her away, while he grows sad.Scene 2:Location: Razia’s and haseena’s residenceZoya reprimands asad for taking solong to dress up. Zoya says that she knows the plan that they have to get rashid out in the lawn, in the night, and razia will inquisitively follow to see what statement Rashid gives. but meanwhile, badi bi would hide rashid and asad would sit in his place. And then razia, out of her fear would utter something or the other and they have to record it. Dilshad coems to him and saysv that he’s looking like his dad. She says that its wrong that the time gone by, doesnt return, as she can see his son in his father’s dress, and it feels that the past time has risen again. She says that she is very happy. They hug, while rashid too watches emtionally along with zoya. Asaed says that they have suffered enough. and this last trap would end all their sufferings. Zoya says that she has asurprise for them too in the celebration. Asad isangry that she couldnt keep the secret to herself. He says that they would know it soon, when it happens.Dilshad talks to nazma, apologising that she couldnt attendthe function. Nazma is tensed asking what new developments happened in the house. dilshad asks her not to be tensed. She asksnazma about the function. nazma remembesr nikhat’s behaviour. Before she can speak, she finds nikhat waiting for her to talk. She diverst and asks about rashid from dilshad. She tells dilshad that everyone including nikhat is fine here. she cancels the phone. nikhatcomes to ask what happened. nazma doesnt respond, and insteadtells haseenma that her tea is ready. She deliberately ignores nikhat. But nikhat says that she would help her in the work instead. But nazma asks her to let be. haseena smiles evilly and offers herself to help. Haseena leaves, while nikhat is tensed as nazma leaves too.razia confronts mamu saying that rashid has begun to speak, and now he is getting so distracted. she asks him why isnt he tensed for them. mamu says that they cant do anything else. razia asks about asaed’s warning. He says that its been enough, and in thnese 17 years, he has tired out to commit any more crimes. Mamu comes to razia and tells her that now is the time to be prepared for the consequences of their action 17 years back. Razia is taken abackby his stance. she leaves the room in haste. Razia finds that dilshad, zoya and asad are taking rashid outin the wheelchair and wonders where he is being taken at this timein the night. As she follows them, rashid is taken by badi bi in her room. Rashid starts coughing badly, and badi bi leaves to get his meds. In the lawn, zoya leaves on the pretext of getting a shawl in thiscold. They both are aware that raziais within hearing range.Asad stealthily switches on the recorder. Dilshad too leaves saying that she has to get his meds. meanwhile, mamu hears rashid’s coughing, and wonders how is he here, when razia said that he was taken to the lawn. Rashid gets tensed, as mamucloses the door behind him and starts walking towards him. Mamu comes down on his kness, and surprises rashid by begging for forgiveness. in the lawn, as asad sits, pretending to be rashid, razia stealthily catches up from behind, and picks up the Khurpi kept in the garden, with an intention to kill rashid. As he starts wheeling the chair, razia says from behind, how long can he escawpe and survive. She calls out to rashid, saying that he is tough guy, that he survived tillnow, as she never thought that he would, but he did and started talking too, amazingly.Scene 3:Location: Outdoor LocationHaider says that they finally got a way out. Humaira romantically saysthat sometimes, the journey is better than the destination, and it pains to see that it has ended. haider walks ahead and humaira follows.Scene 4:Location: Razia’s residenceRazia sasy that she’s amazed at hisstrength. Razia says that what would he tell the world, that she destroyed his life and his happiness, he lost everything due to her, his wife dilshad, and his children, asad and nazma, everything that was dearest to him, and that she even tried to take his life. Asad records all of it, while razia is oblivious that she’s falling in their trap. She says that the truthis, she wont let anyone tell anything, Asad Ahmed Khan. He is shocked that razia knows. mamu confesses to rashid that they have hidden their crimes for long, and they forgot that it would have had repurcussions on them later on. Hesays that he is liable for their punishment. In the lawn, asad gets up to stoically face razia. the screen freezes on his face.Precap: Razia says that he and zoya may try all that they can, but they would never be able to forciblyget a confession out of her. asad is tensed. In the room, Mamu says that the world shall know, that the world shall know of their crime, andhe is prepared to be punished along with razia. He leaves, while rashid is shown to be carrying a recorder, with which he taped mamu’s confession. Meanwhile, in a room, haider and humaira changeand freshen up, and romantically face one another.

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