Sasural Simar Ka 21st January 2014 Written Episode

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Sasural Simar Ka 21st January 2014 Written Episode Empty Sasural Simar Ka 21st January 2014 Written Episode

Post by Harshu on Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:51 pm

Scene 1Roli says there is only one way break the lock. We don’t have time. Roli starts hitting the lock with a stone. Verma aunty comes from the backside and says that what areyou doing ? I went to market and you thought to steal from my house. Roli says how can you thinkthat about us. We were going from here and there were some noises.Roli aunty says Verma ji gifted me a new necklace lets see what he has stolen from me. They all go inside to find the thief while roli andsimar find the clue. Simar says maybe it was misunderstanding. There must be a cat or something.A neighbor said you are amazing you take care of your neighbors Simar and Roli.Scene 2Simar says to Roli to read it again. Its says ‘where you got there is nothing special, the main thing is with the owner’. Simar says this is about Verma aunty. They go to her in the kitchen and says let me cooktea for you. Roli looks here and there . She sees her purse and takes it out. She checks in it, nothing is in there. Verma aunty says takes the tea out Simar and letme check these vegetables. Roli wonders where else can the clue be. She sees a letter in a vegetable bag.Simar says to Verma aunty that tell me your favorite recepie of potatoes. Roli will get the vegetables out. ROli takes the paper out and shows it to Simar who then tries to get rid of Verma aunty.Its written about mandir on the note.Scene 3Roli and Simar check the mandir in the house. It says where the story started from will end there. You willget the family there, Roli gets that its the mountain where shaureya died. Roli and Simar leave the house to reach the the mountain. Whole family is dazed. They wonder why Meghna has sent themto the mountain. Meghna says that you must be startled that why they are going to mountain. Jhanvi says you sent them there so she can’t reach us in time. Meghna says don’t focus too much you will get everything in a while. Simar and Roli’s mom comes in and asks what are you saying ? Everyone is so happy to see her and Anjali. She asks what are you doing here and who are you ? Why are you talking to the mirror. Meghna thinks what excuse should she make. She asks why are you quiet ? Meghna shows her the Bluetooth headset and saysi was talking on a call actually. She says are you mother of roli and simar ? She says yes.Meghna says I am an old friend of Bharadwaj family. She asks where is everyone ? Meghna says they have gone to some relatives’ wedding and Simar and Roli have gone to mandir. They didn’t go because of me.Maa goes in the room and Meghna asks Attul where they have reached? He tells that they haven’t reach the ramp yet. Meghna says okay let me know when they overtake you. Only 10 minutes are left.Scene 4Simar stops the car and tells roli that there is some problem with car. They find out that the tire is punctured.Precap- Meghna says I will leave you just after an hour, you must be wondering why I am leaving you and there was np death penalty for you all. Actually where roli and simar have gone something is waiting for them there. Its their death. The story should end where it began from.

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