Sasural Simar Ka - 13th January 2014 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka - 13th January 2014 Written Update Empty Sasural Simar Ka - 13th January 2014 Written Update

Post by Indian-Tashan on Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:14 pm

Scene 1
Meghna asks Simar to get her out of the place. Mata ji is ill only if she completes the task then she will medicate her. Simar wonders how to get Verma aunty out of there. Simar throws the cups on her she says what you did my husband gifted it to me.
Verma leaves and Simar tells Rol that Mata ji is ill and Megna will only give her medicine if we complete nextr task.
Scene 2
Mata ji’s nerve is severely low. Everyone gets worried. Jhanvi ask sisd ti get the water. They throw it on her. Everyone is extremely tensed. Meghna says to Simar and Roli that luck doesn’t always work. This task will ask so much. Roli says we will do everything for our family. Tell us what to do. She gets a ca;l from Attul. She disconnects but he calls again. She asks whats the matter he says I saw on the camera that mata ji’s condition is out of control. She syas do something she shouldn’t die. Simara nd Roli are worried.
Meghna tells them that their task is to keep burning candles on their palms and they have to be there for 24 hours. You will sleep eat and do everything with the,.
Scene 3
The speaker announces that they are sending an injection but it will work for few hours only. Rest its all dependant on how Roli and Simar do the task.
Jhanvi injects it and says it works for a small time.
Meghna shows the video of the room on her phone to ROli and Simar.
Meghna says its only you who can get her the medicines. Rolu and Simar place the candles on their hands. Meghna burns the flame. Roli says nothing should hapen to Mata ji., Meghna syas then focus on your task then . Roli and Simar pray to get tyhe vcourage.
Sceen 4
Mata ji opens her eyes. Everyone smiles and asks how is she feeling now. She asks are Simar and Roli okay what else has meghna asked them to do. Rajhinder says you should only rest mata ji. She says I won’t feel good until I don’t see them.
Sid and prem get her up. She goes to the mirror and cries looking at them. They are there with the flames. Simar has both of the flames on her hands. Roli asks to give her she says no I am fine.
mata ji is in tears looking at them. After a long Roli says your hands must be burnt di. She syas God is with us and our family, Nothing will be wrong. Meghna and Attul are enjoying the view. Attul says they are so near to their third win. Meghna says I won’t let them win this.

Prem- Megha opens the gate and says these flames in the hand and the cool breeze from what will you save your selves or the flame ? WHole family is really worried looking at them.

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