Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd January 2014 Written Episode

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Empty Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd January 2014 Written Episode

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the episode starts with the spoon falling down and then buah getting up to pick the spoon, but akshat is there hiding behind and so arpita gets up and she comes in front of buah and tells that she will pick it up and what is the need for her to get up, buah sits and arpita picks the spoon, then they talk for sometime and bhavna and savri get up to go, they bless arpita and then bhavna and savri go down, arpita tellsshe will come and she closes the door, akshat comes out she tells him to go from the back door or they will be caught, akshatgoes. Arpita goes down, at the door bhavnaand savri depart to go, bhavna tells arpitas mom that she would like to take arpita to buy sarees for her, mom says ok and they go.At home avni and abhaas are there and avni shows abhaas the pic of arpita, he says that sister in law looks beautiful, avni tells him about her and tells that she was a senior to her in college, devika comes and she is happy to see abhaas and she exclaims that abhaas you came!, she tells him that didn’t he miss anyone and why did he come so late and then she asks him that did he bring anything for her, he tells her that he knows she wanted something so he gives her chocolate and she gets happy, avni gets sad behind and abhaas tells devika that you have to share with avni also, avni gets happy and arpita says ok. Abhaas goes. Devika sits down and shegives the chocolate to avni and tells her to eat, avni tells that instead of them eating they should give to the person who saved her, devika says yes and tells that they have to thank that man, avni tells that how will they find that person, devika tells that ifshe cant find then that boy will come himself and ring the bell when he has to find her, suddenly thedoorbellringsand it is raj and friend and raj rings the bell twice but no one opens it, up avni and devika get amazed but they sit and think someone willopen it. Friend goes and sits on the chairs kept in the lawn, raj goes there and he tells him to get up, friend tells that this is the 56th house and will he find that girl, raj then spots a peacock paint on the wall and he feels that avni is in this house, raj tells friend yes and he again rings the bell manytimes, up avni tells that no one opened the door, she tells devika that she will open the door, avni is going down, out at the gate abhaas comes and sees the friend there, hegoes to him and makes him get up, he askswho is he raj comes there, then avni opens the door, but raj is turned back, abhaas tells in signs to avni to go, avni goes up and closes the door. Abhaas asks them that who are they, then friend who had worn duplicate moustache comes out from1 side, abhaas then identifies both raj and friend and then he tells that he will call the police and he takes the phone to call the police when friend pulls phone and he throws it down and both raj and he run, butabhaas catches friend, then raj stops and he goes back and catches abhass’s hands and they wrestle, raj throws abhaas back and both of them run away, on hearing thissound avni comes outside, there abhaas goes at the gate and avni comes there he tells that he will not leave those robbers as he thinks that they are robbers, avni tells him to cool down and they go.Click this bar to view the full image.Click this bar to view the full image.Click this bar to view the full image.Click this bar to view the full image.There raj and friend reach near car, friend tell lets go, raj tells lets find more, but friends tells no and they go home. At home raj and friend reach. Raj tears the map he made, behind jiju and jiji see and they go tohim and jiji tells raj that can he come with her for long drive raj says no , jiji tells jiju isalso not coming, jiju tells that if raj will come then he will come, jiju and jiji tell that they will force raj if he doesnt come then raj says ok and raj goes to remove car, jiju gets a call and remembers the order and he tells her cant come and tell jiji to go and jiji and raj go.At avni’s home, abhaas is in room and he is telling friend that he will not leave those loafers and that he will jail them and abhaas also uses slang words like ‘saale’ and then dad comes and has heard everything. abhaas keeps the phone and tells dad there were robbers so that’s why he was talking like this, dad gets angry andtells that doesn’t he understand how to talkat home and tells that he always is fighting and never is quiet, he is always acting like a goon and he tells him that he had got a police compliant and that he was fighting in his own rally with people, abhaas tells that they were harassing girls so he fought with them, dad tells loudly and angrily that will he teach him today that what to do of girls and then he says that he has never come to his own home and is roaming about making rallies. Dad is shouting him and telling he will never act like a person, down avni is sad and bhavna and avni are listening to the shouts avni tells bhavna everything and they go up, bhavna cools dad and dad goes angrily down bhavna also goes, avni tells abhaas that she is sorry and tells she was just telling dadaji but dad heard it and so he shouted him, abhaas tells her its ok and that there is no mistake of her and he goes, avni tells that this all happened because of those robbers.Click this bar to view the full image.At the shop in the evening, arpita and bhavna and savri are there they all choosingsarees, avni comes and tells arpita that she is was not in a good mood to some but arpita bhabhi was there so shecame for shopping, arpita and avni are choosingsarees, there raj and sis also come in the same shop, raj tells that in a long drive why did they come here, sis tells that she atleast has to do shopping while long drive, then sis sits and raj thinks of roaming in the shop. There arpita chooses thesareeand she takes it and then tells bhavna that she is feeling bad that she is alone to butsarees and she wants that avni also take, avni says ok but says that she will take only if she chooses for her, savri is ignoring, then arpita chooses and avni goes in front of mirror and puts thesareeon her and sees, there raj is roaming and he see that avni is there and he looks at her and smiles continuously, screen freezes.Click this bar to view the full image.Click this bar to view the full image.Precap: the owner of the shop who knows both bhavna and raj’s family since long time meets raj and on asking he tells that even bhavna mams family is their old customer and they have come hear to takesarees for that girl who is standing as it is her marriage, raj smiles and turns behind and looks that it is avni, avni is standing and showing everyone thesareearpita chose for her, raj thinks it is her marriage.

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