31 jan 2014 written update tarak mehta ka ultah chashmah

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31 jan 2014 written update tarak mehta ka ultah chashmah Empty 31 jan 2014 written update tarak mehta ka ultah chashmah

Post by jemmi on Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:10 pm

Babita talking about fitness to Dayaben. She says V
should have fitness Teacher in our society.
Dayaben says lets go at Anjali's home. all womens
meet and asks to Dayaben what is the reason for
this urgent meeting. Babita relied to them about her
idea and doing exercise and yoga. Everyone like
the idea. Anjali says its a great idea. Dayaben says
its good to do exercise and we will do what Babita
tells us. Babita says we should organize a fitness
camp in our society. Babita calls her friend and
asks if she can organize the camp. She agrees. all
r vry happy.all r thinkng abt to take permission from
secretery Bhide to start the camp. They go to meet
Bhide. They see him helping Madhavi in her work
and says Madhavi is very lucky to get a helping
husband like him. They talk to Bhide about
permitting them. Bhide says its a good though,
health is wealth. Everyone clap for him. Anjali says
Babita's friend Sophia will come tomorrow as she is
our fitness trainer. Bhide says its ok with me. I will
write this on notice board so that everyone can take
advantage of this camp. They says thank u to Bhide
n leave d bhide home.
at Gada's Electonics
jethalal asking to Natu kaka why can't you send the
cheque to the party. Bagha jokes. Nattu kaka says
sorry, I can't send. jethalal asks why ???. Nattu
kaka says the cheque book is over.Bagha says
sheth ji kai logo k pas cheque book hoti he lekin
bank balance ni hota lekin humare pas cheque book
ni he par bank balance bahot he (he laughs)
jethalal getting angry. Bagha asks him to calm
down. Nattu kaka asks jethalal to sign on the slip.
Bagha interrupts and jethalal scolds him. Nattu
kaka irritates jethalal further. He signs the slip and
asks him to get the new cheque book. jethalal says
sorry to Nattu kaka. Nattu kaka replied fine.
At Jethalal's Home
Dayaben calling to jethalal for informs him about the
fitness camp. jethalal is happy hearing this. She
says Babita and me decided and discussed to all
the women. v have e taken prmsn frm Bhide bhai.
jethalal says its really great and praises Babita. She
says you have to get early daily. He says I will, it
will be fun. She cuts the call.
everybody Talking About Fitness Camp.suddently
popat say Cancel This camp,Jethalal Getting angry.
[Monday's epi ill b vry dhamakedar]

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