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Post by Indian-Tashan on Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:03 am

The Episode starts with Babita’s and Iyer’s
performance to be next. Babita looks out for
Iyer. jethalal thinks as Iyer is not there, he
will dance with Babita. Just then Iyer
appears and jethalal is upset. Babita and Iyer
perform on the son Anarkali Disco
Chali………………Everyone enjoy the dance
performance and dance along with them.
jethalal is all smiles seeing Babita groove.
Everyone clap for them. Sundar says great
iyer and Babita, you have danced so well.
Babita thanks everyone. Taarak asks
everyone did you enjoy. Everyone says a lot.
jethalal praises Babita a lot. Baaga asks
about Iyer and jethalal has to praise him too.
Sundar is happy that his party is becoming a
hit. Taarak and jethalal have a talk about
Sundar. Next comes Taarak and Anjali. They
dance on the song Dhinka Chika……………..
Everyone love their act and clap for them.
jethalal praises Taarak. Taarak says don’t lie,
Anjali dances better than me, we are not
dancers, but we hope we made you dance
on our tunes. Popatlal is looking out for the
announcer. She announces that Tappu sena
is going to perform now.
Tappu sena dances on the song 1 2 3 4, get
on the dance floor. Babuji is very happy
seeing Tappu. Everyone clap for them and
praise them for dancing so great. Dayaben
and jethalal dances next on the song Ainvayi
Ainvayi…………… Everyone say Once more.
Dayaben says why so, did we not dance well.
Taarak says you have won everyone by your
dance. Everyone praise them and jethalal
says thanks. Babuji dances on the song
Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram………………. with
Tappu sena. Everyone clap for him. Babuji
falls on the stage. jethalal is worried.

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