yeh hai mohabbatei 20 jan 2014 Written update

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yeh hai mohabbatei 20 jan 2014 Written update Empty yeh hai mohabbatei 20 jan 2014 Written update

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the Episode starts withRamantauntingIshita.Ishitatells him thatRuhiwas missing him. She calls him a selfish man who only knows revenge. He walks away while she is still talking. Mihika is thinking about Amma and sees Rumi. She asks why did you lie Rumi, Amma told me everything, she wanted to say sorry to everyone but you stopped her why. He says I felt if everyone knows about it, they will not leave Amma, did you seeRamanthat time, if you feel I m wrong and want to come home andtalk toMihir, you can. She is upset that she scoldedMihir. He says I won’t give you bad advice. She says thanks, good night.Ishita’s car goes on the divider. Theinspector asks for her license. She shows him the license. He thinks she is drunk. She scolds him and says this happened because of the fog.Ramansees her arguing with the inspector. He comes to them and asks what happened. The inspector says the problem.Ramansays I know her, she does not drunk, you know woman, how hey drive.IshitaandRamanstart arguing.Ishitacalls him arrogant. They talk indirectly and the inspector thinks they are husband and wife. he asks them to go home and fight.Ishitaclears thatRamanis not her husband and she drives well and is not drunk.The inspector apologizes and asks her to take help fromRaman.Ramanleaves.Ishitasays I will go by my car and you will be pushing it. The inspector pushes the care and she drives. She reaches home and sees Appa outside. She says its so cold outside and you are herecome inside.Ishitais happy that Appa and she are playing the same game which they used to play in her childhood. She says what was the need for this game today. I know Appa, you want to talk to me. Appa is upset. She says I know whats in your heart, I m very sorry Appa, I know I should have told youabout everything.He says I trust you. She says your trust motivates me. She talks aboutRuhiand her small lie to make her happy. I gave her a normal day thinking it won’t make any difference, she was very happy today. She says for me, you are my sweet hero. Appa says you did right, where we live and the people who are around us, don’t understand us, we can’t make themquiet. She says I did not know this would reach our home. He says you have to drink the coffee made by me. She takes his photo and they have a laugh.Mihika comes toMihirand hugs him. He asks what happened. She says sorry for what I told you. She says you were saying truth, I m sorry. He says you mean my world, I promise I will clear all misunderstandings, I will explainRaman, I love you. She says I love you too. This was Rumi’s dream. Rumi saysMihiris taking away Mihika even in my dream, if she tells everything toMihir, it will be a problem, I have to do something. He seesMihirsleeping and takes hismobile phone. He sees a video ofMihirand Mihika in which she admitted her love for him. Rumi smiles seeing the video. They get close in the video. Rumi thinks what to do and thinks of manipulating the video.Its morning,Ishitawakes up Mihika.Amma comes toIshitawith coffee. Amma says Appa told me everything, I should have understood.Ishitasays don’t worry,only a mum cxan understand your worry, I understand you since I metRuhi. I know how much a mum canbe protective of a child, a mum thinks from heart, not mind, and don’t say sorry. Amma wakes up Mihika and asks did you tell sorry to Bhallas. Mihika says don’t worry,I will talk to them.Ramanasks his dad how is Mrs. Bhalla now, he says she is fine.RamanasksMihirto talk to the lawyer.Mihirsays I spoke to him, he will be here soon.Ramangoes for his meeting. Mihika callsMihirand says I want to meet you.Mihirsays are you sure, when and where.Rumi and his friends edit the video ofMihirand Mihika. Rumi laughs saying I have to cut Mihir’s connection with Mihika, I took the clip from his phone and edited it, he madeRamanslap me, now see what I do.Precap:Ishitacries and talks toRaman. She says I will see you all in court now.Amena Hasan

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