Rangrasiya 17 Jan 2014 written update

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Rangrasiya 17 Jan 2014 written update Empty Rangrasiya 17 Jan 2014 written update

Post by Anjana on Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:31 pm

The episode begins with Paris is standing near mami and they are surrounded by the villagers Rudra is telling villagers and trying to make them understnd that Tejawat arrange marraiges and send girls form here and then none of then came visisting on holi or diwali have you all ever thought what happened to those girls ..Tejawat is the culprit he is doing this for his illigal arm dealings then he tells mamai that she should asks Paro to sign the paper and then she will be free ..He says I am countig and wil give you 15 sec before he could finish Mami says who is she I know know her , what can I tell her ..Paro is shocked , Rudra says what has gone wrong with you ? not only desh you are doing gaddari with your daughters then he asks her to look at Paro she is the same little girl after her parents death you brought her up like your own ..how can you disown her ? Mami seemed helpless ..
Rudra screams and asks villagers how can you all do this you are so bafadar to Tejawat ..that you can't even see her halalt ..He screams for Tejawat ..saying come here and tell me what you have to say about this .
Tejawat comes and Rudra says this is like think of the devil and devil is here , Tejawat says what happened all well , ? Rudra says thank you stars that you came hearing my voice otherwise I would have dragged you to my office .. Rudra argues with Tejawat and asks to tell villagers that they should answer his question ... Rudra says you must have heard about the baarati you have sent what happened to them , He says yes some them died , Rudra says well then you must have known about the bride now come and idetify her , Tejawat comes forward and put his hands on Paro and says may god give you strength to go through all this ... then he says she seems like a bride but I have never seen her before in fact no one from this village have seen this village ..Paro is shocked and scared to death , Rudra become angry and picks up gun Thakur's men come forward with their gun ..Tejawat says this is not a good idea as you are alone , that time Aman comes there with BSD men and Tejawat is shocked to see that Aman tells Rudra not to strech this further ..Then Rudra drags paro with him , Paro says she doesn't wnant to go then she runs towards her mami and request her no to do this with her she is very scared of BSD .. Mami doesn't respond , Tejawat seemed very angry ..Rudra takes Paro with him
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