Will now Jodha Akbar will be seen romanticizing ?

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Will now Jodha Akbar will be seen romanticizing ? Empty Will now Jodha Akbar will be seen romanticizing ?

Post by miraya on Mon May 12, 2014 2:11 pm

Messengers announce the demolition of pilgrimage tax throughout the kingdom. Kumar Pratap thinks that the Hindu people will be in favour of the Mughal Emperor and it would be more difficult to challenge him. Moti Bai and other Hindu maids thank Akbar for his revolutionary step. Hamida also congratulates him. In the Kali temple, Shaguni Bai tells Jodha that time has come for her return to Agra. Jodha becomes astonished. When she distributes money among poor Hindus so that they can pay pilgrimage tax, she is informed about the tax demolition. She becomes impressed. She thinks that Akbar has changed a lot.
King Bharmal asks Maynamati about Jodha’s mood. She opines that perhaps Shivani’s incident has had an impact on Jodha. Jodha comes back from the temple and declares that she has committed a mistake by giving so much importance to her honour. She expresses her desire to go back to Agra. Bharmal and others become immensely happy. Maynamati says that Jodha can start for Agra in the next morning, while Jodha insists on starting at the night. Bharmal encourages her to do so, as he will ensure her security. Hamida meets Maha Manga and opines that though she has committed a big mistake, her contribution to Jalal’s life cannot be overlooked in just one day. She insists on redressing the misunderstanding. After she leaves, Maha Manga says that no more she cares for Jalal’s feelings. She has ignored her own son’s future so far; now she will only think about Adam, utters Maham.

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