New Promo Rangrasiya for 27Jan14

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New Promo Rangrasiya for 27Jan14 Empty New Promo Rangrasiya for 27Jan14

Post by jemmi on Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:50 pm

written update .....OMg this is such an awesome promo girls... All get ready to see our dear Paro living in the same house as Rudra ... Under his care ... And close observation .. I am getting goosebumps with all the romantic possibilities hereRudra informs his BSD seniors and subbordinates that there was an attepmt tokill Paro right under his nose in the hospital... So the enemies knew the location of Paro will be where Rudra is ... So just to hoodwink the enemies he does not want to keep Paro close to him .. In the cell of his prison in BSD ...After 15 yrs Rudra Opened the massive doors of his pushtaini Haveli reached his home find his chachi ji Mohini looking at him with surprise and contempt on her face ...he saw his bhabhijis too ... He hid paro in his haveli .... He shuts the door of that pert of the haveli to the utter surprise of his chacha , mohini chachi his bhaabhies .....He warns his entire khaandaan that ..none should visit that part of the haveli .... then that person would be responsible for his fate himself .. That he would face dire consequences ....Voice over says will Rudra's family ever come to know what had rudra hidden in that part of the haveli ??Keep watching Rangrasiya .....

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