SBS Qubool Hai Segt 20Jan14 "Team QH miss KSG "

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SBS Qubool Hai Segt 20Jan14 "Team QH miss KSG	" Empty SBS Qubool Hai Segt 20Jan14 "Team QH miss KSG "

Post by jemmi on Tue Jan 21, 2014 4:42 pm

written Update .
.High points of the week segt ...This week Zoya's maqsad of coming to I dia from US will be fulfilled .. She will find her Abbu .. And it will be none other than Gaffoor ... The musical toy plays aninstrumental role in uniting the father daughter .... Zoya explains toGaffoor as the toy was the last nishaani from her father ....Zoya and Team QH miss KSG segt ....SBS takes us to the sets of QH where we have a chat with zoya ....Whe are shown the teary face of Zoya and the BG. Song plays ..."Do naina ek kahani thora sa aansu......"Voice over says that now that zoya's maqsad of coming to India is fulfilled now she has her full concentration on her chemistry with Asad .. But unfortunately the face of Asad is now changed .. Zoya says .. They all miss KSG .. It is not only difficult for viewers but also very difficult for all the Team Wh as they had been working together for one and half yrs ...Zoya continues that she was very lucky to have Seasoned actor KSG as her first costar and had learnt somany things from him .. She missed him terribly ....Surabhi praises KSG .. He was very geounded inspits of being very popular and seasoned senior actor... He was very sweet to each and every co actor and even junior actors ..Voice over says Zoya misses KSG alot .. And all fans too want KSG to return to QH ....Surabhi continues that a sudden change of face of a character is difficult for fans and at the same time it is not easy for the costars too .. They too have difficulty in adjusting ..But the show can not stop because of one actor and the show will go on with new face ..all fans of QH .. All fans of KSG. And al cast and crew of QH have to adjust and move on ... Every one feels bad ... But we have to behave maturely and handle the situation maturely...Surabhi says that being a responsible costar of the new Asad it is her responsibility to make the new asad feel at home and welcomed .. They should no go on cribbing about the star who had quit .. Surabhi says she supports Rakesh as Asad ..All fans should understand that rakesh is under tremendous pressure to establish himself in an already well established role ... Andhe is trying very hard and he need all support .. From fans viewers andcostars ...Surabhi continues that Asad and Zoya 's chemistry will remain unchanged .. Rakesh is a very nice person and she requests fans to support Rakesh and behave maturely ..VO says fans will love new Asad soon of. QhVO adds that Haider and Humeira will have close intimate scenes ...Humeira adds ..In a jungle house they get caught and wet and they have close scene and Humeira shares how conscious she was doing the scene as during shootingall the people around the shoot are males only the stars are the females and she was very embarassed to do close wet sceneswith Mohit ...Humeira is shown sleeping with wet scanty clothes and shivering under a blanket when Haider is seen going close to her ...they haveeyelock ... And feel conscious of eachother's presenceVO says Humeira seems to have forgotten Ayaan completely and appears to have fallen for Haider

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