Karle Pyaar Karle movie review: A strictly avoidable stinker!

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Karle Pyaar Karle movie review: A strictly avoidable stinker! Empty Karle Pyaar Karle movie review: A strictly avoidable stinker!

Post by jemmi on Sat Jan 18, 2014 2:16 pm

Even if you are one of those generous people who like to watch somethinghatketo give budding young talents a chance, read the headline twice over before you dare to buy tickets for this brain-dead flick…
If brattish college kids with a couple of screws loose in their wannabe heads – to the extent that they can deliver lines such as “Hey Jazz, don’t gas just because you are an ass!” – is your idea of entertainment, then a bucket of popcorn and an empty theatre awaits you. But we know that 20 minutes into the movie you will come hurrying out of the hall with a churning stomach and a nauseated feeling.
Director Rajesh Pandey’s Karle Pyaar Karleis not just a bad film. It stinks… big time. The lead pair Shiv Darshan and Hasleen Kaur add to your misery with their irritating presence. While Shiv tries hard to act like a macho movie star, he merely looks like a Tarzan clone on a heavy dose of testosterone (he even does the monkey dance and growls in practically every frame), and the leading lady Hasleen tries very hard to do a Poo – we mean the act Kareena Kapoor (not yet Khan) did inKabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham– but falls flat on her heavily padded bra.
The movie has no plot, with a sillybachpan ka pyaaras its theme. The writing, direction, editing, music and performances are bad, beyond description. After watching this disaster, even watching Manmohan Singh giving a speech would be like the climax of a James Bond movie.
In a nutshell avoid this haphazardly shot catastrophe.

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