Ek Nayi Pehchan 17 Jan 20144 written Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 17 Jan 20144 written Update  Empty Ek Nayi Pehchan 17 Jan 20144 written Update

Post by Indian-Tashan on Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:03 am

Sakshi telling Sharda to study. She says u do all the housework perfectly and if u study then u would be able to do the outside wrks easily and equally efficiently. u have done everything for your family. Do this for their sake only as I know this will be of more benefit to them. And yes, dont blame yourself for everything.evrythng ill b 5n frm tmrw. Sakshi takes Sharda to her room and makes her sit. She takes out a pen from the drawer and shows it to her saying everything will be fine because of this (pen). Your thumb impression is a black spot on ignorance. This pen will set everything right. u should do study. Sharda says an old parrot cant learn new lessons n nw,i dnt hv time to do study.m a wife, a mom whose whole time is spent in bringing up her children & taking care of her husband. How to take time for myself then? Sakshi stays put. You are Sharda first. You have your own identity too which is lost somewhere in all this. Sakshi says m wid u.I ill do all the work for u n make sure you study well. u were alone earlier but now you have 2 more hands, another companion to help u. Please say yes na. Sharda wants to be like this.sharda says This home, this family is my identity. Diya calls out for Sharda and she excuses herself. Karan coming back late night. Dadi stops him. u were not well so you should have been in your room. Where are you coming from? Karan lies that he just came downstairs and had gone to see the doc. Dadi buys it. Diya is sitting sadly. He goes and asks her what happened. He is shocked to know that dad scolded mom. Dadi too takes Suresh's side. She caused him a loss of 20 crores. Hard earned money was wasted because of a thumb impression. Karan is angry. Latika too feels that dad was a little extra harsh on mom today. But mom is at fault only. How could she stamp on any document without knowing anything? See what it has resulted into. She is getting late so she leaves for her home with Diya. Dadi asks Karan to go and rest. She too leaves. Karan going out to talk to his dad who has just returned from office and is on a call. Before Karan can say a word, Suresh asks him to check the facts. You know your mom is illiterate and a villager but you don't know that she made me look like the stupidest person of the world.(sakshi watchng dem) You cannot even imagine how much loss this has caused me. Whole business world is laughing at me because of your mom. I lost all m reputation. It takes years to build a reputation but it only takes a second to ruin it. I was talking to my lawyer about the monetary loss but no lawyer can help me about the loss it has caused to my reputation. Karan tries to say something but Suresh doesn't let him. Anyways, it doesn't matter to you what happens to my business...you don't care at all. If you would have been affected by it then you wouldn't have acted to be unwell and shouldn't have gone to buy a bike today. You use my credit card. I get all the transaction reports on it. Take it as a wedding gift from me to you. I wouldn't mind it if you will buy a bike worth 14 lakhs but I would mind it if you spend this much money foolishly as a person can spend on his own but loss is caused because of his / her foolishness. Your mom acted foolishly today. Neither has your mom earned a rupee by using her own mind nor have you. Karan thanks him for the wedding gift by tearing the registration papers. If you want to give me some gift then give my mom / your wife the respect which she deserves. Sakshi is touched. Suresh leaves uninterested in any of it anymore. Karan throws away the papers in disgust. Karan notices Sakshi standing in the balcony upstairs. She nods back at him in an appreciating / supporting way. He walks back inside the house. Suresh comes inside his room and notices Sharda. He is about to go straight to his side but she politely asks him to stop. She tries to help him in taking off his coat but he doesn't let her. She accepts her mistake. He asks her if this will repay his loss. I lost in front of that Verma because of you. Would things be all right? I am compelled to keep all the business on your name. How I wish your name wasn't associated with my personal life then I wouldn't have to face it every day. She is pained to hear his words but still tries to soothe his pain. He wants to be alone for some time. She points out the medicine kept on a table which he forgot to take in the evening. He again blames her for taking medicines indirectly. If you will stop acting like a villager then I wouldn't need it at all. She cries silently as he leaves from there to have some time alone. Sakshi is shown listening to their convo while hiding.
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