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Post by Anjana on Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:26 pm

The episode starts with Kalindhi informing both Aaju and Aastha as to how Shlok had refused to sign the divorce papers. She further adds that he hurt his hand by breaking the glass bottle so that he cannot sign the papers. Seeing her mum's plight, over this divorce issue Aastha promises to full fill her wish. When they ask her what she has in mind, she simply tells them that she is planning to do the right thing and opens the sagun plate given by her in-laws
The scenes shifts to Agnihotri residence where Anjali blesses Sojal with kunkum and Sojal does the same for Anjali. Anjali gives Sojal sagun bangles and informs her that she can wear it for today and then to place it in the locker tomorrow. Sojal promises to take good care of the gold bangles. Just then Jaya notices Aastha entering the house. Anjali is happy to see Aastha and walks towards her with arthi plate and blesses her with kunkum. Aastha also places kumkum on Anjali's forehead and takes her blessings. Anjali tells her that the necklace that Aastha is wearing is from her parents and that she can keep it with her always. She further adds that it is always best for ladies to obey the elders and stay with their husband. Sojal gets jealous as Aastha has got a necklace whereas she had received only bangles. Aastha asks Anjali as to where baba is and she points to the room. Aastha leaves to see Niranjan.
Aastha walks into his room and calls for his attention. Niranjan is very happy to see her. She tells him that this marriage has becomes a burden for her and that, as to how she can stay in a marriage where her husband has only hatred for her. She tells him that her only wish is to get a divorce from Shlok and asks him if he can fulfil it for her. Niranjan initially gets shocked by Aastha's request but he composes himself and promises to fulfil her first wish from him. She then removes her necklace and leaves the house.
The scene shifts to Niranjan coming to Shlok's room and sitting next to him. He tells him as to what happened and further adds that he knows as to how his hand got hurt. Shlok tells him that he cannot give what Aastha wants as that would be against his dad's wishes. Niranjan tells him that he is proud of his son and further adds that he knows, as to how much Shlok loves Aastha. He then gives him a plan as to how to get Aastha back and Shlok simply nods and promises to do the same.
The scene shifts to Aastha walking back home. She comes near a temple and a few ladies spot her and ask her to join for vaan. They tell her that it is her first vaan and that she should do it with them. Unable to decline the invitation she enters the temple. She finds a car coming to a halt and notices Shlok getting out of it. He comes to her and tells her that she is one confused person as she wants to get the divorce papers signed and at the same time she is in the temple celebrating her married life. He gives her the signed divorce papers and tells her that she is free. Aastha gets slightly shocked and upset to know that Shlok had signed the papers but she composes herself immediately. He asks her as to why she is still wearing the mangal sutra and tries to pull it off her. She stops him and tells him that she was the one who gave him permission to tie around her neck and she would be the person to decide as to when to remove it too and hence to not interfere. He leaves her.
Aastha stands in the temple steps holding her divorce papers in one hand and the vaan Pooja pot in another hand. Tears starts to flow involuntarily in her eyes. She reaches home and Kalindhi immediately asks her as to what happened. She tells him that Shlok signed the divorce papers as per his dad's request. She then thinks to herself that this is the end of her dream of a happy married life.
Precap: Niranjan gets a call while in dining table with the whole family assembled. He tells Shlok that tomorrow is the first hearing for the divorce and that to be on time. Anjali and Varad gets shocked a bit while Sojal has a sarcastic smile plastered all over her face.
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