Rangrasiya 16 Jan 2014 Written Update

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Rangrasiya 16 Jan 2014 Written Update

Post by Indian-Tashan on Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:47 am

The episode begins with Rudra and Aman
comes to paro she become very scared
seeing Rudra standing in front of her , Aman
says I think we should take her to a doc
seeing her halat I think she need medication
Rudra asks him to keep quite , and says she
muct be knowing about them , He holds
Paro and asks her to says what she knows
about them , She is very very scared and
says has no idea ..Rudra leaves her and goes
out ..Paro goes near the wall wall which is
one sided see through , She sees herself and
gets flash back of her marriage holds her
mangalsutra and cries , Its a very sad BG
going on
Paro recalls promises made by her husband
she is divasted and crying ..
There In Tejawat's Mahal all villagers have
gathered , He welcomes them , Rudra has
come to the office , His subordinates asks
what all this why have you come to see the
dead , He opens the sheet and its all full of
arms , He says what are you trying to prove ,
what are you going to say to media ,
Ministers , Rudra says Tejawat arranges
marraiges to do his arm dealings so that
with every baarati arms comes across the
border , Officer asks how can you proove
that because you ahve killed each one of
them you don't have any gawahi , No one
beleive you ,Rudra seems very angry , the
officer advises him that he needs to use his
anger at right time ..
Rudra comes to Paro she is crying , There
Tejawat cooking stories and trying to get
sympathy telling Paro's story ..Thakurain
seemed very upset and crying , Tejwat
misguides them and asks the are they ready
to scrifice their life to face BSD they agree .
Rudra asks Paro to come along she says she
doesn't want to go any where , He puts
hand cuff and tells her that she can be free
after this she goes along with her she is
crying ,he asks her to sit in the Jeep and
takes her somewhere , While driving he tells
her you must have not gone aout of birpur ,
But the big people have big dreams and
want to achive big but you have no such
thing .. they reach Birpur ,He seem very hard
Paro is shocked to see that .. He pulls Paro
out of jeep , She is surprised to see villagers
gathered there ..
Rudra tells Paro to sign a peper which is
about the barat which says they had
brought arm and were taking money along
with them ,He asks her to sign , She says no
he realises that she can't , he tells her what
happened she says she doesn't beleive that ,
Rudra become very angry and says If it is
not true we have not lost our jawans their
family think about them ..Paro sees her
maami standing in the crowd she comes to
her and hugs her , Rudra tells mami to asks
her to sign and after this she will be free ,
Mami doesn't react , paro is shocked , Mamai
says who is she I don't know ..
Precap : Paro is standing shocked , Mami is
feeling sad but silent , Tejawat comes there
and says who is she I have not seen her
before , infact no one form this village have
seen her before ..Paro speechless ..

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