Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Episode - 15th January2014

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam  Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Episode - 15th  January2014 Empty Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir - Written Episode - 15th January2014

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The episode starts with Shlok in his room and letting out his anger on Aastha and throws a file. Varad comes and asks him as to how he never shared such an important decision in his life. Varad further adds that Shlok had always shared everything with him as how friends do when they were young, but now he hadn't shared anything till all hell broke loose between the husband and wife. Shlok tells him that he never asked Aastha to leave and when she left he had gone to ask her to come back for dad's sake and she had never come back. Varad tells him the reason is because he never wanted her to come back for himself and hence Aastha never came back. Sojal overhears this conversation between the brothers. Shlok excuses and leaves for work.
Once he leaves Sojal comes to Varad and questions him as to why he interferes with Shlok and Aastha's relation. She further adds that if they want to break then let it be. Varad gets angry with Sojal and grips her hand roughly and tells her that Aastha holds the key to Shlok's happy married life. Hence he would do everything in his capacity to bring them together. He warns her never to suggest like this in future and storms out.
The scene shifts to Aastha taking her parents and Aaju's blessing and leaves for work. Kalindhi prays to God for Aastha's happiness. Shlok at work where his assistant tells him as to how another call was made to Mr. Shinha after his call. Shlok tells him to find out as to who that person is. He also asks her as to where Aastha is applying for work and to collect all the information related to Aastha.
At home Niranjan asks Anjali as to why she spoke to Avhtood and Kalindhi like that before, and that now they are not sending their daughter with them. Anjali's asks for his forgiveness and tells him that Aastha isn't the right person for this household. Niranjan pushes the cupboard door and hurts Anjali by mistake. He applies the ointment on her and tells her that all relation should be in such a way that they don't break. Anjali nods at his comment.
Sojal applies mehandhi and her mum Jaya comes and asks her as to what she is doing without planning to come closer to Varad. She tells her like how Aastha avoids Shlok, avoid Varad and that he will be always behind her. Sojal thinks that this is a good plan. Just then Anjali comes and asks her as to what her mum was advising her. Jaya tells her that she advised Sojal to be a good daughter-in-law and to listen to yourself and to be a good wife and listen to her husband. Anjali tells Sojal to remove the mehandhi and to clean and sort varad's shoes.
At work Aastha gets her file retuned more than one time for mistakes. She then tells the office assistant that she will ask her superior herself. She walks in and gets shocked to see Shlok there. In her frustration she asks him as to why he isn't leaving her alone. He tells her that she might be successful in getting the divorce but the bond she signed for this work will hold her here otherwise it would be a professional suicide.
Aastha comes home but never tells her parents that Shlok is the boss. The next day Kalindhi leaves for Shlok's office to get the divorce papers signed. She meets him and he looks at the divorce papers.
Precap: Aastha runs towards Shlok to apply first aid.

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