Doli Armano ki 14 Jan 2014 Written Update

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Doli Armano ki 14 Jan 2014 Written Update Empty Doli Armano ki 14 Jan 2014 Written Update

Post by Indian-Tashan on Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:56 am

At Samrat's House
Ishan Asks To Urmi everythng is 5n na ? Urmi Rpld Ya Evrythng is 5n.ishan says m going to Office.
At Samrat's Office.
(Ishan in Samrat's Office)
ishan asks to Samrat Wats goingon ? Samrat says nthng yr,m going somewhere wid frndz.Ishan says don't go somewhere,1st go to ur home,Urmi w8ng at Home.she was sad,Samrat getting Angry n asks to ishan she told u somethng ?ishan says No ! No ! She din say anthng to me,yaar,chill n says jate jate Urmi k liye ku6 gift le lena,samrat laughng n says here is not a Gift shop.ishan says wat ?yaar Girls Like gift,jate jate le lena,samrat say ohhk, i ill buy somethng for her. (samrat Buied Necklace Set For Urmi)
At Samrat's Home
Updating,Stay tuned

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