SBS Rangrasiya Segt 25Jan14 "Rudra ke ghar aayi Paro"

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SBS Rangrasiya Segt 25Jan14 "Rudra ke ghar aayi Paro" Empty SBS Rangrasiya Segt 25Jan14 "Rudra ke ghar aayi Paro"

Post by jyo06 on Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:21 pm

SBS takes the viewers to the sets of Rangrasiya
where the track being shot was Paro has wakes up
from her unconscious ness ... She finds herself in
strange new surroundings ..
Rudra comes there a d they look at each other ....
Some dialogues were there but they were muted for
viewers ..
The BG. song plays ..." Apney rang mein mujhey
rang de ...."
Paro and rudra look at each other angrily ... Rudra
grabs her upper arms angrily and pushes her
back ...
Rudra asks her many Qs .. But Paro just holds her
mangal sutra in her hand and stares at it ignoring all
rudra 's queries ...
Rudra accuses her to reveal all that she knew ..Paro
denies knowing anything ..
Rudra accuses her .. That on the pretext of
marriage and baraat carrying on arms deal and
arms transfer across the border was punishable
crime ...
Voice over says that rudra has made one partition
in his haveli with ropes and hidden paro there .. All
the gharwaley know something or someone is there
but they have no means to find out as he has
threatened of dire consequences if they dared to
cross the partition ...
kaki too says about this offscreen ...
Next scene shown to us is that rudra has brought
rations for paro ...
He did not want paro to go hungry ... Or reCh out to
his family for food . He made sure Paro cooked her
own food in her part of the haveli ...
Rudra is seen bringing in two sacs full of stuff for
Paro .. As paro looks on curiously he extracts the
contents one by one ..
He takes out one steel container/tin . He opens the
lid it is stuck .. He forcefully opens it and suddenly
there is flour all over him ...
Atta spills all over
Voice over says that Rudra if you continue to take
care of your Paro so nicely .. One day you will fall in
love with her

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