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TOI:Will flash butt, but not cheaply says Gautam Rode Empty TOI:Will flash butt, but not cheaply says Gautam Rode

Post by jyo06 on Sat Jan 25, 2014 4:43 pm

Will flash butt, but not cheaply says Gautam
Gautam Rode staunchly believes in the 'got it,
flaunt it' ideology. And his toned torso was on
full display for a scene in TV show
Saraswatichandra, in which he will soon tie the
knot with Kumud ( Jennifer Winget).
Did he take cue from Ranbir Kapoor's towel
dance in Saawariya ?
Says Gautam, "Not at all. There is no similarity
between the two scenes. I didn't dance like him.
It's a cute romantic moment between Kumud
and me." Any special preparations for the
scene? "I got to know about it, a few days
before it was shot. I just did a few push-ups 15
minutes prior to the shoot," he shares.
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money says Gautam Rode
Since he is very comfortable with his body,
Gautam wasn't nervous at all during the shoot.
"As a sensible actor, I can easily judge which
scene looks vulgar and which will look aesthetic.
I have worked hard on my body and if the
script demands such a scene, why not?", he
Does that mean he's cool with flashing his butt a
la Ranbir? "Like I said, it depends on how the
scene is being shot. I don't want to ever look
cheap on screen and want my viewers to squirm
in their seats when they see me in such a scene.
I'd rather wow them with my physique," the
actor adds.
And how does he maintain that physique? "Well,
I take out time to hit the gym despite shooting
12-13 hours a day and doing two shows at a
time. I am a pure vegetarian and I eat small and
healthy meals every two hours. I am not a
foodie so the idea of sacrificing a few things
doesn't bother me. I can go on without eating as
long as I don't suffer from acidity. I don't live to
eat but eat to live," he signs off.

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