Ishita's relationship with Ruhi is complicated: Divyanka Tripathi

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Ishita's relationship with Ruhi is complicated: Divyanka Tripathi

Post by jyo06 on Sat Jan 25, 2014 4:37 pm

Divyanka Tripathi simply can’t stop praising the
little girl and co-star Ruhaanika Dhawan who
essays the role of Ruhi in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai
. Divyanka who essays the role of
Ishita Iyer in the show, shares an amazing bonding
with the child both on and off the screen.
Says Divyanka, “Ruhaanika is a very sweet girl,
and is very much protected by everyone on our
sets. She is still that humble and down-to-earth
child, and I personally want her to maintain the
‘childishness’ in her for long. Kids tend to grow up
fast and lose the innocence in them. So we take
utmost care on the set to speak the nicest of words
when the girl is around.”
Explaining further, Divyanka shares, “In a tense
pressure-cooker atmosphere on the set, one
usually ends up talking some nasty words. But we
always make sure to use the choicest of words so
that Ruhaanika does not get to catch them. Her
mother is very protective of her, and we too make
sure she is in good company.”
Talking about her onscreen bonding with the girl,
she explains, “Ishita and Ruhi even though not
related, share a great bonding. I love to shoot my
scenes with the girl, and she is a pleasure to work
with. The fun part is that usually a boy and a girl
tend to have a ‘complicated’ relationship, but in our
case, Ishita’s relationship with Ruhi is complicated
Three cheers to the amazing bonding between you

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