I love shopping in Bangkok: Surbhi Jyoti

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I love shopping in Bangkok: Surbhi Jyoti Empty I love shopping in Bangkok: Surbhi Jyoti

Post by jemmi on Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:33 pm

The beautiful and talented Surbhi Jyoti, who
became a household name playing Zoya
Farooqui in Qubool Hai, considers it a sheer
luck to be a part of the show. With a lot of
changes going on in the serial, the latest being
Raqesh Vashisht being brought on to play Asad
in place of Karan Singh Grover , the fan base of
this beautiful girl seems unaffected.
The pretty lass, who defines style both on and
off screen, talks to Tellychakkar.com for our
Lifestyle section.
Fashion is:
Fashion is style which comes only when one is
dressed in something they feel most
comfortable in.
Who chooses your clothes?
I am very particular on my choice of clothes
hence I choose my own clothes.
Do you wear accessories?
Of course...It compliments your outfit.
Do you follow any brands?
Not really, but I like wearing branded stuff.
Favourite shopping destination?
I love shopping in Bangkok; it’s a wonderful
shopping destination.
Your most expensive buy:
I would not like to comment on that.
Clothes you are comfortable in:
I am most comfortable in a short and T-shirt.
Must have in your wallet:
Of all the things in my wallet my credit card is
very important to me.
Favourite perfume:
I keep changing my perfumes quite often.
However these days I like wearing Issey
Describe sale in one word:
Currently your wardrobe is overflowing with?
My wardrobe overflows with clothes of the
same colour because I tend to buy clothes of
the colours that I like. I already have too many
clothes and the best part is that I don't
remember the dresses of what all colours I
You have the hardest time getting dressed for?
I don't take time. I'm very sorted when it comes
to dressing up.
Any fashion disaster you have come across
None, which I can currently think of.
If you had to choose a fashion era, which period
will it be?
I like the current era; it’s just perfect with loads
of variety and options when I go out shopping.
Credit: Tellychakkar

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