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Post by Harshu on Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:17 pm

the episode begins with .... Benazir proceeding towards Ruku's room in a hurryto meetjalal.... She finds Jo sitting out sideRuku's room along with moti waiting for Jala to come out ..Benazir thinks that Jodha was her raastey ka kaanta ... Zakira tells Ben that their maqsad could not be fulfilled tonight as Ruku and Jo both were withJalalBen feels like biting Jo first.. instead ofjalalJo waits forJalalall night.....patiently outside Ruku's room ...Moti tells jo that shehad developed feelings forJalal.... jo reprimands moti for crossing her limits...Next morning Jo confrontsJalalas she spots him coming out of Ruku's room she runs to him .. Tries her best to impress upon him that Benazir was vishkanya she was after jalal's lifeShe tells him she was informed by sharifuddin ans she too her seen with her own eyes ...Jalalis furious with jo for meeting criminal prisoner with out permission .....that he was trying to get out of prison by using jodhaJo then tells him how she had seen hBen taking poison from snakeJala then resigns and calls for DEK meeting as Jo pleadsAll gather at DEKAt DEKJalalannounces that Benazir was accused to be vishkanya by Jodha begum...that she had come with the intention of killing him ..Ben claims innocence and praises Jodha instead .....that Jodha respected all women equally and was a good gentle woman ...Ben then claims that all that was said against her was wrong...Jalalorders her to prove herself innocent before every one in DEK ..Jalalorders for some milk to be brought .. If she was poisonous then this milk would turn poisonous too ...Behind the curtains Jodha thinks now Ben's secret will be outMA thinks what an accusation Jo had put against Ben couldn't she find a better accusation.. she is disgusted with JoBenazir drinks from asilver glass.. All lookat her with keen interest ...Thenjalalorders Zakira that should drink that milk to prove that this milk is not poisonous....that no poison has been transferred from Ben to the milkZakira is very scared and Ben is extremely worried ..Zakira claims that she is ready to drink her maalkin's jhootha milk .. But the moment zakira drinks she appears normal... Nothing happens to zakira ... Jo is surprised.. and shockedNow Ben asksJalalif she was proved innocent now that Zakira was OK .. She was being insulted as she was baandie ... Earlier with Abul mali now withJalalBen pleadsJalalto do sar kalam she did not want to live with this insult...MA and Ruks scold and reprimand Jodha in DEK for accusing some one wrongly .. For taking advantage of being khaas begum .. that she should behave responsiblyJalalangrily orders DEK barkhaasthAll leave .... butJalalstops Jo he tells her she is simply very jealous of Ben .. Jo claims that she had seen with her own eyesBen taking poison from a snake ..Jalalsays she had seen her sister Shivani too since child hood but she was wrong about her too .... as she ran away with her lover leaving Mirza Haakim heartbrokenToday too Jo was proved wrong ...Jalalreprimands Jo of being jealous of onebaandie just because Ben was close to the shehenshaha .. She was just a proud RajwanshiAsJalalleaves Jo mutters to herself that one dayJalalwould regret not believing herBeck in Benazir's room Zakira is in bad shape .. Ben lays zakira on the couch and offers her zeher moura liquid ...antidote of snake poisonAntidote of the poison works instantlyZakira says ben's poison was very strongBen and zakira discuss their future plan .. As abul mali was getting impatient and jo was observing them closelyBen then thinks of running out of AgraZakira asks how could they run away ??Ben thinks that running away from Agra fort was difficult but running away from theDargah will be easyBen did not want to die .. they were the ones to kill othersShe is scared of Jo's next move .. of being exposedJo tries to impress upon Moti that she was right Ben was a Vishkanya she had seen with her own eyes .. Moti tells her to rest asshe was tired must be some misunderstanding on her side ..Jo could not rest as the Vishkanya was after Jalal's life ...Hameeda comes to Jo's room she tries to make her relax ... By telling Jo thatJalalwas clever he could take care of himself ... That she must have misunderstood Ben ...Jo is worried .. Ben would try to killJalalany moment ... That she was vishkanyaHameeda says that Ben was just proved innocent before the DEK before the shahi hakim .. Before all .. Zakira was alive even after drinking that jhootha milk.That Jo should now relax not let others think Jo was jealous .. That Jo was easily proved wrong .. That she could easily misunderstand others ..Next scene Ben is seen leaving the palace gates with zakira ... They try to hurry before any one spots them maham anga spots then and confronts themPrecap for tomorrow...At DEK Ruks announces that a Shehenshah marries for various reasons .. For various for political reasons . ..for friendship for avoiding war .... For giving protection to woman etcRuks tellsJalalto marry for giving a woman protection ... That he should marry Benazir to give herlife long protection..Jalalaccepts ruku's ideaHe orders all arrangements to be made immediately for his nikah with Ben .. His brother Mirza Haakim's nikah could not take place but his nikah would definitely happenHameeda is worriedJo is devastated

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