Breaking News: Jalal to realize his feelings for Jodha

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Breaking News: Jalal to realize his feelings for Jodha Empty Breaking News: Jalal to realize his feelings for Jodha

Post by Harshu on Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:14 pm

For all the fans of Zee TV's popular show"JodhaAkbar", who are enjoying the sweet andbitter moments between the king and queen, thereis a great news as the latest reports suggest thatsoon Akbar would realize his feelings forJodha.As per reports, in the upcoming episodes whenAkbar (Rajat Tokas) would come to know thatJodha(Paridhi Sharma) was right and Benazir is theculprit, who was trying to kill him. After the incidenthe would realize that there is some connect betweenhim andJodhaas every time he needs someone sheis there.Akbar would also realize that he can never seeJodhaupset or in trouble. Though, the two always end upfighting, arguing or challenging each other but hehas now become used to such things. He would alsorealize that Jodha's beauty, smartness andmoralvalues have started influencing him and now thecruel and heartless king has melted somewhereinside his heart.King kept a soft corner forJodhasome time back butthe feelings were replaced due to Mahamanga's(Ashwini Kalsekar) conspiracy againstJodha.Well, just hope that this time Akbar not only realizeshis feelings but also expresses it before the queenand soon their sweet love story touches a new height.

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