Rangrasiya Written Update 22 January2014"Rudra saves Paro's life yet again"

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Rangrasiya Written Update 22 January2014"Rudra saves Paro's life yet again" Empty Rangrasiya Written Update 22 January2014"Rudra saves Paro's life yet again"

Post by jemmi on Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:53 pm

Rudrasucceeding in controlling violent nightmares of ParoThe title BG song plays in BG ...Rudrastares at Paro's face for a long time.. Very closely as the romantic song plays on ...Soon Paro opens her eyes .. They have eyelock ...Soon Paro regains full consciousness .. she is scared/shocked to seeRudraso close to her .... She tries to get away from Rudra's clutches .. Paro screams for helpWith great difficultyRudracalms down paro ...The doc and nurse enter on hearing Paro's screams .. Doc sendsRudraout as paro tells the doc she could not share the room with jallad the beastDoc tellsRudrathat Paro was patient she was his responsibilityRudrasays she was suspect she had to stay before his eyesRudrarefuses to leave Paro aloneDoc tellsRudrathat Paro her rightly called him jalladSoon treatment is started Paro is calmed down ... Paro is offered food by the nurseOutside the roomrudrais told by aman that BSD would get bad name if they find one bride was forced to spend night with BSD officerParo misunderstands the nurse's instructions and sings bhajan ... The nursewas south Indian and pronounced khaana as gaana ....Rudratells Aman to ring up HQ that Paro would remain in this hospital butRudrawould be shifted .. Aman follows the order obediently ...At the haveli the wife of the BSD soldier Mohini is busy at their haveli .. His wife is looking like a Thakurain .. She asks her pati whom was he calling up on phoneHe replies he was calling up his bhai saMohini reprimands him .. That all life long he did not receive /reply their calls why would he respond now ??Soldier asks his bahu if Samrat had reachedHis wife replies Sumer ....their second son too reached JaipurThen soldier informs his wife thatRudrawas now posted here at BSD officer mohiniis displeased to hear Rudra's nameHe tells Mohini thatRudrawas injured at encounter ...He suggests that they brought him to their house and look after himMohini replies she would rather keep scorpions and snakes rather than dilsher and her sisters sonRudrain this houseSoldier claims he was their nephewMohini repliesRudrawas not permitted to step into their houseAt night at the hospital the fake doc is on the prowl ..he is trying to kill Paro ... He firstkills the guard at the door of Paro's roomHe then enters and goes to paro's bed .. Admires her sleeping form .. He in slow motion with gloved hands injects poison into paro's IV drip....Next momentRudrais there by Paro he beats up the doc .. Confronts him and asks him furiously what had he mixed in her IVdripThe fake doc tries to free himself from the clutches ofRudraand run ..Rudraand doc get into severe fight .. FinallyRudrais about to strangulate him but the doc hurtsRudraon his spine wound and escapes ....Rudrafalls to the ground wincing with pain... He orders the guard to follow the running/escaping doc .. While he rushes toApro and pulls out the IVdrip ...Finally seniors of BSD arrive they investigate the matter of attempt to murderParo ...They ask Paro how was she ...Paro replies how could be well she was notwell her husband was killed before her eyesand like a besharam she was still dressed like suhagan ... She requests the senior officers that jallad (rudra) should be kept away from her ....Precap for tomorrow ....Paro is being dragged byRudrathrough the barren fields by a stream ... He is running and dragging her along forcefully...suddenly paro's Mangal sutra falls .. She escapes from his clutches .. To run back and pick it up ...Rudraruns after her and prevents her escape there is scuffle between them ..Rudrahas his grip on Paro very strong ... Preventing any chance escape for her ...the scene freezes on their angry eyelock

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