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Post by jemmi on Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:44 pm

its been 3 weeks that Colors’ new show Rangrasiya has been launched but fans on Twitter still seem to be in a hangover state.With each episode the fan following has been increasing like crazy and definitely some credit goes to the lead pair of SanayaIrani and Ashish Sharma who play Paro and Rudra respectively.It took a while for these astounding actors to come face to face in the show but when they did their fans immediately took to Twitter to express how madly gorgeous these two look together. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the tweets written by die-hard fans of Rangrasiya, check it out!Nikita Sharma ‏@Nikita07s 17m@ashish30sharma in today also ur supa amazing as #Rudra #Rangrasiya is more like as we r watching a Movie Kudos to u n RR team!#SupaDupaHitHeli Verma ‏@HeliVerma 1hLoved #RangRasiya today..was amazing. Sanaya Irani nailed it..She was Brilliant parexcellence today. Totally Bang on#SanayaIrani Kudos:)Ipkknd-RangRasiya ‏@TanviArshi 1hIf Sanaya and @ashish30sharma don't get an award for #RangRasiya i swear I'll kill the jury!!!Crazy Sanaya♥Fan ‏@crazy4sanaya 3hAfter 13 episodes today we'll see first talk between lead pairs that also when Rudra 'll interrogate Paro #RangRasiya #PaRud in one frame!Hashini SaRun ‏@hashini_SaRun Jan 9And #Rangrasiya is doing really well & Topping @ColorsTV in UK Ratings too! This show really has a long way to go!#Rangrasiya ROCKS!! :')Priyanka Pereira ‏@priyankapereira Jan 6If there is one Indian TV show you must not miss, it is @mrhegde and @janaki2010's #RangRasiya. It is nothing short of brilliance!K-K-K-Kiya❤️ ‏@cookie_joshi 1hOH DAMN...RUDRA UFF THAT RAJASTANI ACCENT *FANS HERSELF* i got butterflies yes! fact is they HAVE chemistry!#RangRasiyaWe believe that such positive response will surely make the show only better by the day and till then do keep checking this space for latest updates and keep showing your love! Btw, have you watched Sanaya talk to us about her experience shooting in Jaisalmer?

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