SBS Rangrasiya Segt 21Jan14 "Jab Drashti Met Sanaya"

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SBS Rangrasiya Segt 21Jan14 "Jab Drashti Met Sanaya" Empty SBS Rangrasiya Segt 21Jan14 "Jab Drashti Met Sanaya"

Post by preeti on Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:55 am

jab drashti met Sanaya segt ....Voice over says ... Someones presence brightens up Sanaya's face .. Someone brings a smile on her face .. Makes her feel good and happy .. It is not Mohit but sanaya's best friend Drashti ..Both hug the moment they meet and laugh and joke about their being grown up best friends not as school girls any more ...Drashti had a packup at her shoot and luckily Sanaya too was not shooting at thatmoment .. So they met at the sets of RR..... Sanays says both often walk up to the others sets to meet eachother but most of the times the other is shooting so not free to talk .. Today luckily as drashti has pack up Sanaya was free ..Sanaya was wearing her Red lehengaa choli , Drashti was looking smart in white top with black printed tights Hair knotted up into a bun and she had her specks on yet she looked very beautiful ...Drashti says she liked sanaya's red outfit very much as she found sanaya looking very beautiful in this ..Drashti feels bad for Sanaya for having to shoot in the same outfit for so longDreasti sympathises with Sanaya as she knew how heavy that costume was ahd poor Sanaya had to shoot run etc with it ...Ashish too is seen joining the masti laughter and gossip session with the girls ..They chatted non stop ..Paro saved by Rudra segt ....Paro rudra's love story appears to be an interesting one but presently Paro is making full paisa wasool of her costume ...Paro is seen running in the heavy Lehengaa choliThe BG song of Rangrasiya plays ...Voice over says that Paro is presently the musibat of Rudra will gradually become hismuhabbat ...Rodra might be playing with Paro's life for now but later he will. Make love blossom into her life ...SBS takes us to the sets of RR where the scene being shot is Paro .. Who has faintedas she was scared of the blast at the border .. Rudra places the fainted Paro gently on to the seat of his jeep .. Then gradually Paro recovers .. She demands to go to bathroom .. Rudra lets her go initially then guesses her intentions of running away .. Calls her back and ties her hands with rope ...Paro speaks to viewers and says Paro has faintedRudra jokes they beat her up they trouble her He made her run so much that she has fainted ..Paro says she tried to. Run away as she was pareshaan of RudraRudra says laughingly that paro was carrying her heavy ghagra and trying to run ... Ghagra utha uthakey bhaagi ...VO says Paro has now been shooting in that same costume .. Red ghaagra choli formore than weeks now ..Paro says .. She liked that ghagra choli .. Did she not look happy in that ??she was already thin but she was wondering why they were making her run so much ..Rudra says that this ghaagra choli is washed once in four days .. Laughs ...Offscreen Paro and rudra are seen having fun and masti with the rope that is tied around her wrists ...The BG song plays .."Kya ada kya jalve tereparo ...."The segt ends with Paro and Ru

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