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Rangrasiya 21 Jan 2014 Written update Empty Rangrasiya 21 Jan 2014 Written update

Post by preeti on Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:28 am

episode begins with .... Rudra feeling severe back pain as he enters the BSD office .. first thing he does isInquiring about paro's cell being guarded or not ... .. He rushes to her cell to see her accepting a glass of water from someone .. Rudra then falls to the ground as another soldier tries to revive him ... all notice paro standing there weilding a gun at Rudra .. She remembers the moment Rudra had fired at her husband ....She screams that Rudra was the killer .. He had killed every oneThe other soldiers pacify paro and convince her to drop the gun ..Paro then points the gun to her own head... The soldires then convince her not to do this paaap ..that she should live to prove she was not wrong but wait for everything to settle down and she might return home ..Suddenly there is a blast near to rudra .. Paro sits beside him in her cell she is shocked .... Rudra partially recoveres consciousness and is carried away to hospitalAt hospital doc carries on with treatment .. Doc informs the wound at the back was deep .. He was having internal bleeding ..Rudra is advised three dayd of complete bed rest ... Rudra then asks where was paro ...Paro is seen in the next room being treated by the doc ...He assures her she was just weak .. Nothing was wrong with herIn his serious condition Rudra wants to go and protect paro but is stopped by his subbordinates ..Rudra wants paro to be shifted into his own roomIn the next room the doc takes out a poisonous injection readies to inject paroHe is the man sent by thakur to finish off paro in the hospitalThe doc is about to inject Paro when rudra's subordinate enters and interrupts the doc in his nefarious actions saving paro this timeRudra then is spoken to with his subordinate soldier ..reminding of rudra's chilhood days .. How little boy rudra asked him how to become BSD officer .. How to have moochhey like him .. How to develop chest like him .. That was fifteen yrs back he was a new soldier .. But now he was stilla soldier but Rudra was now a BSD officer..The soldier then reminds rudra of his father ....Rudra gets furious with the soldier for crossing his limits ....if he crossed his limitsagain strict action would be taken against him He is reprimanded ruthlessly by rudra.. Both rudra and the soldier have tears in eyes ..Paro is shifted into a side of Rudra's room..The doc comes and scolds Rudra for taking things in his hands with out permission of the doc ..there were chances of infection etc ..Rudra orders doc to delete paro's name from records .. No one should know that paro was in the hospital .... Only rudra's name would show .... And all things administered to paro had to be shown to rudra first ...He would fight all enemies trying to attack paro ...The doc gives a sedative to rudra stating it was an antibiotic ... Thinking it would be impossible for him to keep watch on paro under the effects of that sedativeParo is in rudra's room there is a screen partition between their beds ..Rudra is looking at paro thru the gap ... As he suffers pain himself .. And looks at the tablets left by the doc as antibioticsParo begins to have night mares about childhood days ... About her parents death.. About her parents being covered by wooden logs on the pyre .. She screams not to cover her parents .. She screams at maamisaa not to cover her parents they would get crushed .. They would get burnt.. She screams at maamisa to let her go .. Paro gets violentWatching her getting violent he stops taking that sedative pill given to him by the doc on the pretext of being antibiotic ...He rushes to paro's bed side to control her violent seizure like movements ... As she gets her nighmare ... He holds her head in one hand .. He holds her other hand in his other hand .. Then he lies down beside her.. Trying to control her He puts his leg over her leg and stops her violent movements ... But as he succeeds in controlling her movements he is almost lying over her on her bed ..Paro suddenly clutches at the rudraksh wrist band on rudra and suddenly she becomes calm ... Rudra looks into paro's beautiful fear distorted tearstreaked face with an emotion he could not understand himself .. All the while the rangrasiys BG tune playsPrecap for tomorrow .. Rudra catches the fraud doc trying to poison paro and beats him up after giving him good chase inside the hosp ..

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