Beintehaan 17th January 2014 Written Update

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Beintehaan 17th January 2014 Written Update

Post by jinal on Tue Jan 21, 2014 6:09 pm

Beintehaan 17th January 2014 Written Episode
Usman calls Zain and says Zeeshan’s parents are talking rubbish about you and Aaliya. Aaliya picks the call and is shockedafter hearing Usman’s words. Zeeshan’s mom asks if Zain kept the phone. Usman says he trusts his son. Zeeshan’s mom again says she has seen Zain and Aaliya together very closely. Zeeshan interrupts them and says his parents that he cannot see them anymore getting insulted. He says he will show the proof. He shows a pic where Zain and Aaliya are standing closely together. Everybody sees it and gets shocked. Aaliya comes and hears what Zain is telling. Shabana and Ghulam get worried seeing her. Shabana asks her why did she come here.Click this bar to view the full image.Click this bar to view the full image.Shabana asks her to go inside as she is a bride . Aaliya says she would not have known the truth if she would have been inside. she goes near Zeeshan and asks what was he telling about Zain and her. He shows the pic and asks what is this? She sees it and remembers it was taking while she was falling and Zain helping her on the new year’s night. She says Zeeshan thathe is misunderstanding and to believe her. He asks why didn’t she think before when this happened. Aaliya says whatever is in the pic iswrong. There is nothing between her and Zain. Zeeshan shows pics to everyone and asks if they can trust after seeing this pic. He asks Ghulam and Shabana if they can trust. They stand mum.Click this bar to view the full image.Aaliya goes near her parents and says it is all lie and to believe her. She goes near Usman and asks him to believe her, there is nothing between her and Zain. She says Zeeshan that she didn’t think aboutanyone after getting engaged to him swearing on god. She says he would have asked her directly instead of making a drama. Aayat says if they would not have made a drama, how would they demand 40 lakhs dowry. She says they are blackmailing Ghulam and Shabana to pay 40 lakhs to accept Aaliya.Click this bar to view the full image.She asks Zeeshan if he was asking dowry. Zeeshan’s mom interrupts and says with her misdeeds, even 40 lakhs are less. Your parents should thank us for accepting you. They should lick our soles. Aaliya asks her to shut up. She can’t hear anything about her parents. When she knows that she is not wrong, nobody should show their fingers on her parents. Zeeshan’s uncle asks Usman this is how your niece is. He can’t get insulted anymore and walks out. Aayat informs Aaliyathat they have already taken 10 lakhs.Surayya asks Zain to go fast now. Zain insists to go inside. Surayya asks him to go listen to her and go now. His tax leaves. Zeeshan’s uncle sees Zain going in a tax and Surayya standing outside. She seeshim and goes inside.Aaliya asks her parents why did they accept to give dowry as they were against dowry always, were they too tired of her. Shabana says her to stop. She says when they arefingering on us before marriage, will they allow us to stay in peace after marriage. Surayya comes and asks Aaliya to go inside. She says elders are here and to go inside. Aaliya says it would be waste getting a good education and upbringing if she says silent now. Usman backs Aaliya and says only she has the right to speak now. Aaliya asks Kazi saheb if dowry is allowed in Islam and if it is there, where is it written to allow groom’s parents to demand dowry. Kazi says he agrees with Aaliya and it is against Islam to ask dowry. Zeeshan asks if dowry is wrong, is Aaliya’s adultery right?Aaliya slaps Zeeshan. Everybody is shocked seeing it. Zeeshan tries to slap her back, but Usman warns him. Aaliya says she won’t marry him. Everybody gets shocked hearing this. Aaliya says this is not an alliance but a deal, so she won’t accept the marriage. Shabana starts crying vigorously.Zeeshan’s uncle is speaking on the phone. He says his sister and her family are getting insulted for asking dowry. He says Surayya toldZain went to Bankok. Just then Zaincomes in a taxi. Zeeshan’s uncle sees it and says a big incident will happen now and he will catch the culprit. Zain thinks if he goes via the main door, Surayya will scold him, so he climbs the ladder and goes inside via the window. Zeeshan’s uncle gets happy seeing this.Precap: Aaliya holds Zain’s collar and asks why did he come back. Hesays he came to take back his life. They hug each other and everybody sees them hugging eachother.

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