Veera 17th January 2014 Written Update

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Veera 17th January 2014 Written Update

Post by Duggu on Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:08 am

Ranveer says, your bindi is being dislocated. Gunjan says, i am frightened. Ranveer says, this is your dream and you will forget everything only thing you will remind is happiness. Balwant says, goldsmith has made wrong ring so i am going to city and you go to meet tehsildar for electricity stealing.
Veera repairs the karan’s phone. veera says, girl’s who is missing you in delhi, is sending you message. Karan see the message. Veera calls his friend and his friend tells the truth. Veera thanks to his friend. Veera says to karan, this man is manipulating with us, he is divorcee. Karan and veera searches balwant tayaji. Baldev heard the conversation of veera and karan.
Bansari bring gunjan to her room. Bansari take jewellery that is given by Sarpanch ji.
Veera and karan tell everything to bansari taiji but bansari says, you will not tell anything to anybody. Baldev heard all this and got angry. Bansari says, if you want to enjoy the wedding then stay here otherwise go to your home. Veera calls the ranveer but his phone is switched off.
Karan says, shall we converse with baldev. Baldev gone to surjit singh and shows anger to him. Surjit singh says, who said you this? surjit singh says, all of this you are saying is false, jagjit was right thats why he won the case. If you dont trust me then i will contact to jagjit and khurana sahab. Veera says to karan, you go to city to search balwant tayaji.
Baldev ask to bansari, biji i dont think what will i do? You have met with him yesterday. Do you think that they are bad. Look towards gunjan, she is very happy and if you break this relation then she will broken down.
Precap:- Baldev says, if this relation is break then gunjan will broken down, and i will not let it happen.

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